Kevlar Escape Laces

ITS – Kevlar Escape Laces – Review

Looking for another option to step up your Urban Survival and Preparedness game? Our review and article here will cover unboxing and experimenting with’s Kevlar Laces.

Unboxing: I LOVE this company and I love ordering gear from them. I recommend you try them out but, as you will see in some of our past and future reviews I don’t recommend “blindly” buying from them. I have a lot of tools in my kit that I carry in the field that ITS makes versions of but I have improvised tools that work just as well or better and may be cheaper. In this video you’ll see that there’s not much of a difference (in effectiveness) between 550 cord and their Kevlar Escape Laces… THIS product though – I’ll still buy and have a few pairs of for my personal setup.

Pricing: 54″, 60″ and 72″ available all for around 12$ ish. Link:’s Kevlar Escape Laces.

Length: First, like they say on their page, yes, measure the laces you would like to replace before you order. Good news is that they’re cheap enough (as far as other preps and tools go) that you can buy two or three pairs to try sizes or to have backups, all while not really breaking the bank; although 550 cord ends up being MUCH cheaper overall.

54″ fits my standard Reebok kick around shoes perfectly. AND if you’re buying for boots, even ankle boots or higher, I’d recommend the 72″ version. For this technique it’s always better to have more cordage than less.

PRO: Threading is SUPER easy compared to properly lacing the burnt ends of 550 cord althought [coming soon *** an easy method to lace your footwear for 500 cord]

Field Test: If anything,’s Kevlar Escape Lace took less time to burn through the flexcuffs I used. Not MUCH less time, but less time. The flip side is that you have to go to their website to buy them and you have to pay their price. NOW, like I said in the video, if you are worried about 10$ for training laces and 10$ more for your every day wear laces than you have two options.

  1. Take a look at your financial preparedness before you start worrying about a kidnapping. Which is more likely, getting laid off from work or getting fucking kidnapped in your local HOA sub division?
  2. Buy 550 cord in bulk and deal with prepping it and the misery of lacing it through all of your shoes. You’ll have extra 550 laying around which is always fucking useful, AND you’ll save a ton of money compared to buying 5 or 6 sets of ITStactical’s special laces.

I personally will probably be buying them for my sneakers just for the simple laziness factor, and I’ll probably buy them as stocking stuffers for my friends in the inner circle.

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