Kwikset Master Key – The Quick Pull

Kwikset Master Key – The Quick Pull

Basically another fucking master key! …basically. Come see why and why not!

What it is!

A locksmith tool used only on a specific make/model doorknob allowing easy access to work on the pin-tumbler portion of a doorknob (also allowing the locksmith to access the locking/unlocking mechanism within the doorknob behind the keyway.

ALSO it’s a pretty fucking cool tool that acts as a MASTER KEY for a specific make/model of doorknobs.

What it isn’t!

Magic. It isn’t magic. It will only work on specific make/model doorknobs and as far as my research tells me it will ONLY work on doorknobs and NOT ON DEADBOLTS.

It isn’t something you can carry in your pocket as an EDC tool. It may damage some retaining springs within the doorknob so it is also not a perfect covert entry tool (but it’s still pretty good). It does have a number of reviews of users who have had parts of the tool break and needed to replace them, so it isn’t unbreakable.


It DEFINITELY is going into my entry kit somewhere. Not in my first line gear (pockets, belt, armor etc.); not going to go into my 2nd line gear either – honestly although it would fit (Go-bag); It will find a place in the trunk of my patrol car and stay there until it is needed.

I can STILL pick open kwikset locks and I can still attempt bypasses with smaller tools that are easier to carry. Unless I have specific intel or problems picking and bypassing I will probably leave this tool in the trunk.

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