Kwikset Smart Key Dumb Force Tool

Kwikset Smart Key Dumb Force Tool

Cost me about 300$ to write this article. Lots of lessons learned, field application, and bonus info in the video and in the article below.

What’s supposed to happen:

What happened to me:


Spent 300$ purchasing the 100$ tool, original doorknob, second doorknob and deadbolt, 50$ on another ratchet to make sure I had the perfect fit.

Did not like that install was upside down and that Kwikset was like “Nah, that’s cool”.

Realized at the end of filming that this is for “DEADBOLTS” and not doorknobs, that was MY fault alone. I will be trying to get my hands on some more deadbolts to see if this is possibly an update from Kwikset that only their newer locks have installed.

Lessons Learned:

  • ALWAYS try your gear in the lab before relying on it in the field!!!
  • Another reminder to only pick those locks that you own and/or have explicit permission to pick (including informing someone that you may damage their lock) and do not pick those locks that you rely on for security, ie in use.
  • Just because a technique works on one make/model does not mean it works on a different make/model. ALSO doesn’t mean it will work on a newer or older or same but different make/model.
  • And a really cool note on buying tools… I know of 3 versions of this tool, two of which are not in production anymore but I really want. In the field of lock picking I often used to see tools that I wanted and I would wait to buy them and then they would come off the market.

Since I use this skill set on the job to save lives and I teach courses and try to bring my audience the best information possible I have no problem living my Tactical Lock Picking life with the “Buy Now” attitude. I am not sold yet that you should go out and spend your money on this. I will be trying this technique out on more deadbolts and I will keep you updated.


  • A properly installed doorknob and dead bolt provide a LOT more security for very little effort. …if properly installed.


  • It was actually a pain in the ass to install the smart key door knob.
  • I didn’t like that the key way was upside down.
  • SOME of the Smart Key locks at least are susceptible to this force attack.

Remember the creed:

“Only pick those locks that you either own or have been given explicit permission to pick (including informing the owner of possible damages). And do not practice on locks that you rely on for security.”

Ok, this is a little higher security than a standard cheap-o-delux China doorknob. That’s good. But beware, when a company says “High Security” or they say “Bump Proof” that doesn’t always mean it’s true. Also, “Proof” and “Resistant” are two different words. Beware of “marketing”.

100$ for this tool, that broke 150$ worth of door hardware…

I will be trying other deadbolts, maybe older versions, but for now don’t go searching to waste your money on this tool just yet.

Have fun, bring your humor, be legal.


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