How to Lace 550 Cord

How to Lace 550 Cord

Ever heard of the phrase “Pushing Rope”? I can help you with that, as long as we’re talking about 550 cord and footwear of course… I’ve seen a lot of people struggle with lacing boots with 550 cord and just give up until an “old salt” friend of mine used his super genius brain show me a redneck hack.

Pros? Lots of companies send off their footwear with shit laces. So even if you’re not super tactical-to-the-bone than it’s nice to get laces that don’t suck. Also, if you DO give a shit, it’s also nice to have an escape tool on hand or just some good line to tie shit up with if you are in the field or working the streets or want to impress the coworkers with a bad ass tie down.


  1. Have your boots/shoes handy and if you still have the laces on them (and want to) you can match the length of your laces and save them as spares.
  2. Cut your 550 cord as sharp and clean as possible.
  3. Burn the end of your 550 cord just enough to get a uniform tip.
  4. Wet fingers and pinch and roll and pull towards the tip.
  5. Prep a paperclip or bobby pin or small plastic zip tie…
  6. either loop your 550 cord with your pullstring then feed it through the eyes of your footwear
  7. OR… set your pullstring halfway through the eye THEN feed your 550 through.
  8. then YANK it really hard 😉

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