Lock Picking – Back To Basics

Lock Picking – Back To Basics

A lock picking website, with a Military, Law Enforcement, Government, and civilian security mindset. So, more lock picking toady! A quick tip on the difference between couch-picking and Tactical Lock Picking.

Picking open padlocks is a great start. Picking open some of those practice stands that have a doorknob mounted on it, also great. Know what’s much better? Actual doors (That you have explicit permission to pick). Real doors.


One of the biggest reasons is your tension wrench. If your target door is set within a door frame you may not be able to use your go-to tension wrench setup. It may not fit into the lock because the tail end of your tension wrench may be to long and the door frame will prohibit that technique. Don’t worry, I’m going way deep on the tension wrench topic in the near future.

Another reason real doors are much better is that instead of a free spinning tension wrench you actually have to learn how much pressure to put on your tension wrench after the plug is unlocked. I have damaged tools in the field trying to turn over rusty overpainted deadbolts with a weak tension wrench. But I still had to make entry. In this art the more you are exposed to the wider your knowledge base. Duh 😉


The stress of having to make entry in the field and having other people looking over your shoulder is very much the same as when you film yourself picking open a lock. You really should be trying this even if you don’t post your video or if you don’t save it. Even if you’re the only one that watches it you can still benefit from the added stress of not wanting to look like an idiot 🙂

I do it all the time, and I often look like an idiot but I also often learn from it.

That shouldn’t be

Putting tension on a lock in the wrong direction. Picking a lock into the closed instead of open position. Rust. Wear. Big key ways, little key ways. They are all out there and you should be experiencing all of them. If you only pick your 3 favorite padlocks and all of a sudden you need access into a real life door you may find yourself with a SKILL of how to pick but not the APPLICATION of all the other information that helps you gain access; things like sticky latches, tight tolerances, rust, etc. I want you to practice a lot because I don’t want you shaking your head in the field and saying “That lock shouldn’t open that way” and making excuses for yourself. They do open that way. People install shit wrong all the time. Learn to work that to your advantage and get off the couch and practice (Always within your legal realm of course).

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Stay safe. Use smart tactics. Be legal.



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