Lock Picking EDC – First Line Gear

Lock Picking EDC – First Line Gear

Wallet, Keys, Belt Etc.

Although my gear list is always changing by adding, removing or switching out products, I though now was a good time to do an updated gear layout list. As always, in Tactical Lock Picking the meat and potatoes are in you field application of you skillset. What and how you carry and deploy it is a big part of that. For the field application portions of the *Urban Survival Course that I teach I recommend to my students to utilize the military born idea of having 3 lines of gear. Staring below with your 1st line.

Break down 0f 1st, 2nd, 3rd line gear.

Long story short your 1st line is what is in your pockets and on your normal belt, with some exceptions. Mainly what you walk around with on a usual basis.

2nd line gear is a reasonable sized bag, your upper body armor, and maybe some odds and ends that you keep somewhere like in your door panels or your glovebox of your vehicle. This may extend to things like a purse or a go-bag.

3rd line gear is the really heavy and miscellaneous that will will be covering in the near future, ie reach tools, battering rams, bolt cutters, and other tools that just don’t fit in the other two categories.

Advice on gear selection etc.

Do NOT get fooled into buying shit that you don’t need. If the price looks like it’s going to hurt your wallet, think twice… and email me first lol. Many of these “100 piece sets!” are fucking bogus and low quality with a high price tag. I have done and will continue to do several reviews of gear so check back frequently. Even if I like a particular company I will gladly shit on their products if they suck. On an old website that I used to run, on lock picking, I did a video on SparrowsLockPicks.com’s bump keys. They were terrible but I like many of their other products. Maybe I’ll do a re-do of that video someday.

Rules for field carry of your gear: My “Lines” of carry are only mental ideas on how to structure where your shit goes and how you get it to your work site. I am not a crazy person and I do not recommend putting thousands of dollars worth of lock picks in your jeans pockets and carrying them around all day for no dammed reason. Purchase the gear you think you may need frequently and for the un-frequent stuff I would wait until I  came across a need for it before I actually buy it (unlike me. I do this for a living and I buy useless shit so that I can show you how it does and doesn’t work).

And if you want advice shoot me an email using my Contact Page (here) and/or message me on twitter or on instagram where I’m pretty active.

Stay safe, stay smart, stay LEGAL (legal link), and have fucking fun.


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