Lock Picking EDC – Second Line Gear

Lock Picking EDC – Second Line Gear (The GO-BAG)


This GO – BAG is designed to carry all the shit that doesn’t fit into my pocket; all the miscellaneous tools that don’t see lots of normal use; and minus all the gear that is too big to fit into the bag (that would be the 3rd Line Gear).

I carry a lot of things that hardly get any field use, one of the reasons for that is that I try to look for situations to try that gear and based on what I find tells me a couple things but mainly 1- how often are YOU likely to use the tool; and 2- does it work; and 3- are there better options.

Also, don’t be fooled by these “100 Piece Sets” that cost several hundred dollars. Most professionals in the field, including me, will end up using only 2 or 3 of the pieces in that super dooper 100 Piece Set. Start small with your purchases with kits that easilly fit into your pocket and grow from there.

Stay safe, stay legal, and DO break into shit that you’re explicitly given permission to.


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