Master 175 vs Bolt Cutters

Master Lock 175 vs Bolt Cutters

“Why do I need lock picks, I can always just use bolt cutters” is a phrase I hear from a lot of tactical bad asses… but for some reason they just can’t seem to fit bolt cutters into their pockets for Every Day Carry…

This is why I teach “Tactical lock picking” instead of just lock picking. As I’ve said before:

The “TACTICAL” part of this skill set is the difference between an isolated situation (like sitting on your couch with a padlock; or a moment in time where you have time and preparation to go back and grab your tools without being under stress) and the field application of your skill set.

In another recent article in this “Masterlock 175” series we show you How to Open a M-175 with a Snap Clip / Hair Beret (link). The snap-clip which ALSO serves as a tool for Escape and Evasion – How to Escape from Handcuffs Using a Snap Clip (link).

BOLT CUTTERS are heavy. It is difficult to multitask with your hands when you’re lugging them to the scene of an entry. I know that in my LE agency out of a squad of 12 people I am one out of two people on shift all night that has a pair of bolt cutters, period. AND the two of us bought them ourselves and made the decision to carry them ourselves (an epidemic in Law Enforcement and Military ops $). Some people also think that just one cut will pop the lock right off, sometimes that’s not the case. You also might not be able to reach THROUGH a fence to get to the padlock that you want to cut open. Some padlocks are shielded (like the lock in the beginning photo of this article) and it’s not that you can’t cut through the shackle but that you can’t get TO the shackle to cut it. All this, and more, for a problem that could be solved with this:

Easy to carry. Easy to turn into a tool. More effective as a 175 bypass than several “Professional” tools, and MUCH cheaper. Can be used for SERE and for Tactical Lock Picking.

A short article for a simple subject. Please check out our other videos in the Master Lock series.

And thanks so much for spending some time here!

-Pat Leo

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