Master Lock 175 Bypass – Bump

Master Lock 175 Bypass – Bump

A Kinetic opening method for the Master Lock – 175

Kinetic opening method for the Master Lock 175 with a hammer, or similar. About as useful in the field as tits on a man, but still looks cool (Not the tits) … duh.

This one is just as applicable to professionals as it is for the prepared Citizen. Take another step down the rabbit hole and lift the vail of the “Illusion of Security”. Shore up your security at your home and your business, and learn how to get through even more obstacles that you may encounter. As always “Only pick those locks that you either own and/or have been given explicit permission to pick” Especially this technique which will damage the internals and externals of the lock.

Here’s the story. Inside the Master Lock 175 there is a lever-latch mechanism (the copper colored triangle picture below). As long as you can toggle that lever the lock will open regardless of what combo the wheel numbers are on. So if you fucking hit this thing with a hammer in the correct direction and with the right force it will toggle that inside latch-lever and the bale will pop up and open. That’s basically it.

Shout out to who sells this beautiful training lock.

Remember, any 4- digit code system, including digital and mechanical, is nothing more than a traffic control device. Just like a traffic light it doesn’t stop you from getting through it just slows you down. There is rarely anything stopping people from just plain old fucking guessing a combo.

Pros and Cons

If it’s not your lock, you probably don’t want to damage it and this technique may leave you with a functioning lock you can see in the video that at least it has loosened some of the internals of my lock and caused a few rattles to develop inside. It’s a loud technique. It requires you to have a hammer or another heavy object at hand. It may not work instantly, it may take a shit load of tries which ends up as not working at all. Depending on what the lock is shackled around it may be difficult to get a good swing at it (I smacked that thing over 100 times while attached to a Pelican Case with no result. Only took about 10-20 hits to get it while it was in my hand).

The pros are that if you get it in a few enough tries you really look cool in front of your friends. And maybe if you have no other tools, and don’t want to go 0-0-0-1, 0-0-0-2, etc than maybe you try this. Also … huge note some 175’s have a tighter tolerance on the metal and a standard internal latch bypass won’t work.

*Original source that I found this technique from:

vorkev1 @Youtube

Tactical Lock Picking

This is another tool to add to the tool box. Even if it only only increases your odds of entry by a few percentages % it is a good trick to keep in the back of your mind. If it is important to make entry somewhere through one of these locks, it is still a good idea to know as many options as possible. It is also good to try this technique at home so that you become familiar with the fine amounts of pressure and timing required since it may work really well for you like the original video I found this technique in (embedded above), also it is good to know how long and how likely each different approach method is to get through different obstacles (*THIS is the essence of the “tactical” part of T.L.P.). This is NOT a complete list but here are some links to our other video/articles in this series (Links will become active upon new articles being produced and released):

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