Master Lock 175 – Bypass Latch

Master Lock 175 – Bypass Latch


Wether tactical or not, this technique could save a life. With improvised tools or professional tools see how we bypass this 4 digit code Master Lock 175 combo lock for a field expedient entry.

For this technique you don’t “need” a training lock or a see through lock to know what’s going on inside. But it helps a little bit. If you want to get a little more of an edge you can go here –’s Master 175 trainer – and get yourself one for about 45$, they are often out of stock so if you want one then check back frequently and be ready to buy.

Just like our last video (Link: Master Lock 175 Kinetic Bypass) this technique is reliant upon activating the lever/latch that holds the shackle closed, this time we just reach in and we taaaaaap it in… we just taaaaaaaap it in.

Credit: Happy Gilmore. The only sports move I am able to stand. XD


It takes a small thin tool to only get about a 1/2 inch of penetration and a really light toggle on the latch/lever (shown below).

Shout out to who sells this beautiful training lock.

If you are on ITS’s website you might also want to pick up one set of their EZDecoders. They come in a set of two for 10$ total …. or you can just buy a pack of hair berets or snap clips of about 10 pieces for about 2$. …up to you.

Some kid using a paperclip to gain access: (Credit: redsully – on YouTube) Similar technique to what I teach.

*This technique will work on many Master Lock 175 locks (although some of their newer production locks have a much tighter tolerance and may have a patch that fixed this bypass) and this will also work on many Master Lock 178 locks (painted black).

See our YouTube video for a few more tips and pros/cons and watch us try this on a few locks with a few different tools.

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