Master Lock 5423D “Realtor Key Box” Decoded and Explained

Master Lock 5423D “Realtor Key Box” Decoded and Explained

The theme of the week is NUMBERS! Today we talk about how this push button mechanical lock box works, we teach you how to decode / bypass it, and how to apply this numbers game to the field application of Tactical Lock Picking … as we sip booze from our adult sippy cups 😉

How it’s supposed to work

There is a portable box or a mountable box that both operate under the same normal procedures: Punch in your 4 Digit code using any input from 0-9 including # and *, (12 total buttons to choose from). The order of your input does not matter so if 1-2-3-4 opens your lock box then so will 4-3-2-1, 1-3-2-4, etc.

How We Decode It / Bypass It

Literally the same way that a forward-thinking 9 year old would decode it. Operate the “Open” lever with some moderate force then push all the buttons until it opens. That’s it. KISS.

Numbers / Field Application

In my opinion the MOST important thing to know before implementing a combination code lock as a security device is “How fast can someone brute force guess the code”? Now, in the video above we showed you how to DECODE it in about 10 seconds but I feel that it’s important to know what type of threat you are defending against. If you are defending yourself against a brute force attack then this lock is just a tiny step above the WORST 4-digit locks out there. The bottom of the barrel is a 3 or 4 digit code, chosen from 0-9, that can not repeat numbers and that the order doesn’t matter; that gives you 210 possible opening codes. THIS lock just added two digits making the selection go from 10 to 12, bringing us to 495 possible opening codes. Those tiny shitty airport luggage locks that are 3-digit combo dial locks at least have 1,000 possible entry codes – which would take you less than 15 minutes to brute force every single possible code.

Put some effort into your security, use your resources to find out how to defeat your own security, practice these skills so that if you have to help yourself or your loved ones you will know how to legally and morally exploit security.


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