New Uncensored Tactical Podcast is Here!

New Uncensored Tactical Podcast is Here!

We call it “Uncensored” for a reason! #swearwords #drinking #adultcontent #tactical 🙂

“My goal with this podcast, and with the website, is to take my experiences with my military and law enforcement careers and give back to that community and to the public”. -Pat

Check out our first podcast of many. You might be familiar with the other podcast I am a host of over at . I have SO MANY topics that are tactical related that I didn’t want to steal too much air time from the Liberty podcast and I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with producing content for the website here. So I’m very happy to be bringing you guys that follow me a chance to get some info and some value from me and my new Co-Host in a different format other than our articles and photos and videos.

Thank you SO much for spending your time here. Lots of changes on the way.

-Pat and Joe

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