Oscar Delta AHK3 & Gulag Shim – Review

OscarDelta.co.uk Tool Review


If escape and evasion is within your realm of interest (which should be, because it’s interesting as fuck) then you need to at least check out the people over at OscarDelta. Today we review their Advanced Handcuff Key 3 (AHK3) and their Gulag Shim. The have a lot of cool products and they seem to actually give a shit about their products and their customers. Go surf their site, OscarDelta.co.uk, and see if you can find where they explain where the term “Handcuffs” and “coppers” comes from 😉

Not much to add here for today’s video since the tools just arrived and I’m doing some dry runs after unboxing. We’ve already gone over the shim technique before with some practical applications here, and I can tell you this shim was really smooth, I am perfectly content using a hair beret snap clip thing which is super cheap, but man this tool is so much smoother and easier to use. Any time you’re shoving one item into another item it’s a little more enjoyable if they have a close, smooth, natural fit… ok, well, at least sometimes.

The AHK3 is tiny but it’s hard metal and it’s fucking rugged, unlike some of the other concealed handcuff keys on the market that are plastic injection molded and bend and occasionally shear their key tab off inside the handcuff faceplate… I DO recommend buying the “R clips” that they offer on the site.


I haven’t talked much about OscarDelta on this site but I have a feeling I will be doing so much more in the future. Keep your eyes open for more reviews of their products coming up.

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