Four Digit Codes

Tactical Lock Picking – 4 Digit Codes

Almost all four-digit code systems whether digital or mechanical are not “Locks” but rather “Traffic Control Devices”. They don’t STOP people from entering, they just slow them down, or at best stop people temporarily. Down and dirty… -MOST gate codes are either 4 digits, or 4 digits plus (*/#/etc) -MOST 4 digit codes are (year/address/phone#/SS#/etc)

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Oh “Instructor School” is a requirement? Interesting.

OK. So. No shit, there I was. Department is broke so they can’t pay me over-time pay. So I missed a whole shift on the streets so that I could attend “really freaking important” annual training. It started out great: Learned an intro to Riot Control for about 4.5 hours of Powerpoint. Now my file

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The plan?

Ok. Here’s the deal. We are going to do for the tactical community, specifically law enforcement and military, what no other website or podcast etc is currently doing. We will give you down to earth, no BS, politically incorrect real world info. Our info will consist of …ohhh I don’t know… a TON of different

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