Pekiti Tirsia Kali – Hold

Have you seen the classic “Law Enforcement” escort technique where these dumb ass instructors tell you it’s a SMART IDEA to use TWO of your arms to hold ONE arm of the suspect? Let his weapon hand swing free, let his free hand be on the opposite side of his body so that you can’t monitor it visually, so you can’t grab his far hand even if you want to, etc.

(It shouldn’t take more than this, but if you think that using TWO of your arms to hold ONE arm from a suspect is a good idea… than you need to see a fucking doctor. A head doctor… in the worst way. Thanks “government”)

Today I bring you a technique that is NOT bullshit. It comes from Filipino Martial Arts, (Kali, Escrima, Arnis) specifically the Pekiti Tirsia family of Kali. They are not just stick fighting arts, they are MUCH MUCH more, and their limb control and grappling are a fucking sight to behold. Here is a very short, very boiled down technique that I have used several times in the field.

Pros for the PTK technique:

It is simple to execute. You use ONE hand to hold TWO of the suspects arms. You can disengage, escort, hold, search, handcuff, takedown, all from the same starting position. You can get into this position from the front, back, side, or combatively all in a very similar manner. It “can” work on bigger stronger people but you need to know a few tips before you go relying on this in the real world.

Problems with the basic LEO escort technique:

The suspect can eye gouge, weapon side of suspect free, weapon hand free, YOU have 2 hands on his 1. you are both facing the same direction of movement, his legs are in prime position to perform a leg takedown on you.


There ARE ways to defeat this technique, but there are many more pros to this than there are cons to the standard method taught nationally.

I have moved around a lot thanks to the military so it has been difficult to rank up in this system for me, but through trying to keep my eyes on the topic online I have not found much success with a central information point or a head of the system. If you are interested I would check Facebook Groups and I would look for Martial Arts academies that offer this art. YouTube should have some good information as well. The head of the system is Tuhon Leo T. Gaje so if you see him, or his name, it’s a sign you’re going in a good direction since martial arts information isn’t always the most reliable.

Fight hard, train harder.