Principle – “The most important are the least important”

So how are the most important people the least important? This one is tongue in cheek. It goes both way (much like some of my former girlfriends).


FIRST OFF: The people that by rank and command think they are the most important who in fucking RL (Real Life) only get in the way of the mission and never actually DO the mission or even know HOW to do the mission, those people are the fucking least important of all. With their big offices and extra bonus pay for more expensive travel and better accomidations, they are useless. Completely useless.

SECOND OFF: The most important people, the ones that DO the fucking mission, are held accountable for administrative issues (even though paperwork people are assigned to support them), they are required to work terrible hours (while support/command staff does not), they are required to know all the requirements for upkeep training and when their qualifications lapse (even though training staff is assigned to do this for them), that do NOT have their own vehicles to help them facilitate completion of required tasks (even though every command and support member has their own vehicles) these mission completing operators they get treated as if they are fucking useless.

On my current deployment I must have repeated this principle “The most important are the least important” about a thousand fucking times this week to my friends and co-workers. “Are you surprised that they fucked you again? Nobody fucking cares about you”. I try my best to encourage an environment amongst my actual peers “take care of each other, because the command obviously won’t fucking do it”.

See a pattern here?

Similar/follow on principle:

This next part is so closely intertwined with the primary principle that I might as well toss it in:

The closer you (physically) are to the command, the more important you are“.

Example: At the Law Enforcement Agency that I work for back in the States I work at a sub-station. There is a main building, where our “Chief” works, upstairs of course, and all of our admin staff, and our evidence lockers and staff, etc. Then there is my station. In the middle of the hood. Let me paint you a picture


  • Brand new carpet.
  • Shined tile floor hallways.
  • 24/7 front desk assistants to take walk ins.
  • The upstairs “lounge” next to the Chief’s office has brand new leather couches and recliners…
  • …a full coffee table of brand new (non dog eared) magazines…
  • …a CLEAN water cooler…
  • …a fully stocked kitchen with tons of full utensil drawers…
  • …flowers… white painted clean walls etc.
  • fucking SPOTLESS bathroom.


  • Non-waxed, blood stained tile floors.
  • Kitchen rife with ants.
  • Broken door that slams shut, loud as fuck…
  • …or doesn’t close and lock other times…
  • Shitty plastic chairs, half of which are broke, that we use for our shift briefings…
  • A bathroom that we share with our prisoners that we are arresting…
  • A water cooler with constant mold around the tip (just the tip)
  • You get it….


Well… Welcome to the government 😉 The US government and it’s state county and local jurisdictions as well make up the worlds completely BIGGEST FUCKING BUREAUCRACY ever invented. Why is the bathroom more secluded outside the Chief’s office? It’s his fucking office. Why does the admin staff get their vacation requests approved faster? Maybe because they eat lunch in the beautiful break room right next to the Chief and Lieutenants’ offices and chat every day. Why are their no ants crawling down the wall in the upstairs kitchen? Probably because the Chief makes ONE comment to his secretary and the exterminators are there the next day to handle that. Why, at the sub station, have there been ants crawling down the wall for over a year now? Our sub-station isn’t where the Chief works. Becauuuuuuuuuuse…. ?

“The closer you are to the command, the more important you are”

Why is this my first principle on the list?

AT LEAST two reasons. 1- I’m kinda winging it and something had to be first. It’s hard to say which principles are more important than others. 2- for serious, if you are in an LEADERSHIP position it does not make you a “leader” de facto. But if you are in that “position” and you start thinking and treating your people with our main quote in mind “most important are the least important” and you remind yourself that without the mother fuckers in the trenches you wouldn’t have a job, than you can fix a-fucking-lot of problems before they even arise. It might serve as a reminder to show up to a night shift every once in a fucking while and say hello to the people that work for you (yes i know, they really work for the Citizens, but they’re under your command). It might serve as a reminder, when you plan the budget, to not only pay the exterminator to spray your office upstairs, but to also budget sending the exterminator to the sub-station once in a blue moon too.

Another pet peeve, closely tied to this, is to know your fucking people. As stated earlier though, if you remember that the most important are the least important (hope you’re getting it, it’s kinda sarcastic I know) than you might think to yourself that if there are 365-ish days a year, you can spend five fucking minutes a day and at least meet 100-200 of your employees? Or am I asking too much. I dunno. Vote for me for Sheriff. I’ll let you know how it goes 😉

Thanks for checking us out. Thanks for keeping an open mind. Go kick ass, stay safe, and treat your fucking people right.


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