Restraints Lesson 1 – The Slip

Whether you are restraining a bad guy (yes, or girrrrrl) OR if you find yourself illegally restrained in some type of violent encounter, you should know the limitations restraints. Enjoy lesson one of our new Restraint Series, “The Slip”.

*We don’t always put every bit of info into the video, so be sure to check the bottom for some extra tips. …just the tips 😉

Why create this series?

As I constantly remind people, the government has huge gaping holes in their training regimens. AND civilians have every right to be aware of issues affecting their safety as well. There is also nothing proprietary about restraints, ANYONE can buy them online and once you own them you are free to learn how to exploit them, so I am not giving away any state secrets here. Not to mention, in my 10+ years of government service none of my command or trainers have ever taught me some of these lessons that I am about to share with you. Check out our quick video and more details below.

For the victim

Should you find yourself traveling overseas or somewhere near home with civil unrest breaking out, or even in your home for some type of home invasion; it’s a good idea to realize that once you are illegally restrained, that you are not out of options. While you can escape from restraints if they are behind your back (I have seen this, and done this many times) it is MUCH easier to escape if your hands are in front of you.

For the officer

What a shame that your agency likely did not teach you the limitations of your gear. Don’t worry… I’m from the government, and I’m here to help! ….. lmfao yeah right. While I work for the government this training is DEFINITELY not from my employers. This is ME bringing YOU tools to stay alive during operations. Here’s the thing. People can escape from handcuffs, and people can escape from flexcuffs. There. Now you know. So what do you do? ALWAYS monitor suspects once they are in your custody. You own them for now. They are your responsibility. And I don’t want you to fail to realize this and let your guard down and get injured or even to let your guard down and let your partners and teammates get injured or killed.

Some Tips***

*For the victim. When escaping it sometimes seems counter intuitive to my students but the two steps to starting to slip your hands down below your butt are 1- to relax both of your shoulders and let them hang loose and low; 2- is to not go straight over the tail bone but to rather go over one cheek first, at least to get it started until you can push/pull your hands past both butt cheeks. If you really need some extra juice and can’t get it past your butt lay on one side, push one foot up against a wall or a brace (or in this case a car door) and use that pressure to push your leg and one butt cheek through your hands.

There is also a possibility that your body mechanics won’t allow this to happen. If that’s the case than our future videos will give you some more options. Stay tuned.

*For the officer.

Step 1 “Apply the fucking restraints correctly!!!”. We will cover all sorts of details about this later in this video series.

Step 2 “Be aware, all restraints are temporary!!!” Don’t take your attention off of a detained suspect for too long.

Step 3 “Do a proper fucking search!” You’d be surprised how many people don’t. We will definitely talk more about this on our website.

Step 4 “Re-check your restraints frequently if your subject is in restraints for any extended period of time”.


I have done some extensive restraint training, and I have dealt with many many people in restraints, and I have applied restraints in many different environments. What have I learned? Besides the most important reminder of not being complacent, a shit ton. If you liked our articles than you can learn more by subscribing to our occasional email shout outs below, and follow us on YouTube and on Instagram. Facebook and twitter too (although I mainly use those two for article updates).

Stay safe, stay legal, don’t get complacent.



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