Restraints Lesson 3 – Friction Saw

Restraints Lesson 3 – Friction Saw

It’s shocking how many active cops have no clue how vulnerable their Flex Cuffs are to failure, OR how easy restraints are to defeat for civilians…

We are using heat here. The plastic on most flex cuffs will melt and using a material that may well be on hand already or easily acquired.


Front and back view of sawed Flex Cuffs

550 cord

550 cord – before and after sawing through plastic flexcuffs

Some Tips: (The best part…)

  • Don’t even THINK about trying this stuff if you don’t have an accessible authorized flexcuff cutter! (***Pictured Below)
  • Don’t allow the 550 cord (or other medium) to slide or “run” across the different sections and lengths of your flexcuffs. Try to concentrate all the heat from your cordage onto ONE specific spot on the flexcuff.
  • Don’t pick a spot on the flexcuff that is thicker than other spots i.e. the locking block on the butterfly cuffs in the video above. Target the thin sections of the cuffs.
  • With practice, and different amounts of tension, and different positions, you will actually “HEAR” the cordage interact with the plastic and you will learn to listen to see if the plastic and 550 are catching each other.
  • Don’t sell yourself short. It’s better to prep and cut and lace and tie your 550 cord longer rather than shorter. Practice with different lengths.
  • This can be done behind your back, BUT, but you’ve got to be creative.

[***Coming Soon, Review of ITS Tactical’s Kevlar Escape Laces as well as How to prep your boots.]


While serving overseas a friend of mine who is former Law Enforcement in Washington state gave me some insight into this technique. He had dealt with protesters wrecking havoc behind police riot squad lines because of this technique. Professional protesters would have classes to teach both paid and unpaid protesters to lace their boots up with 550 or similar cord and to wait until they were flexcuffed and left unattended and then to escape and cause more mischief.

*****This technique, if practiced and prepared, can be done consistently in under thirty seconds! And even without this specific set up it can still be done. The limit to restraint escapes is your own creativity. I teach you WAYS to operate… not THE WAY to operate. 

Below are some photos of my ASP Scarab cutter. Worth it. I own several and keep them in a few different places so that I can also help out other LEO’s when they say “Hold on, let me get my knife out” I jump in and prevent a few days of suspension $$$.

Hey idiots! Don’t EVER try to slice flexcuffs off of someone using a pocket knife. I’ve even seen shitty scissors break and cut people. Use a quality recommended cutter or a high quality pair of tactical medical shears in a pinch.

Be smart, be safe, have fun, be legal!

And be responsible for your own actions!!!


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