Review of “CIA Lock Picking – Field Operative Training Manual”

Available on Amazon, the “book” CIA LOCK PICKING – Field Operative Manual has a title which is more than slightly misleading. Enjoy our quick three part review.
First off, there is no copyright page and nothing that validates that this is from the CIA. And as far as “MANUAL” is concerned, it is about the length of an information packet. If you take the covers out of the count, and blank pages and title pages, you’re talking about 40 ish pages. It’s tiny.

Thin booklet. Not a “Manual” by any stretch.

Secondly, this book has no exclusive content and nothing super secret or CIA-ish. The info graphics are all done in pen and ink, and while they are not “incorrect” information, there is much better out there than what this book offers. If you type in “LOCK PICKING” into your search engine you will find just as much information as you can in this book, and all within 10 minutes and all free.

44-ish or less actual pages of content.

Third. Amazon has several different links all for this same book. (“Book”). Prices range from about 5$ to 50$. So do not let yourself be tricked into buying something special that turns out to be fucking garbage.

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