Review Practical Lock Picking Book by Deviant Ollam

Want to find a Practical guide to Lock Picking that is current, modern, makes fucking sense, and has a ton of pictures??? Deviant Ollam pretty much hit a home run with this one…

Today I review the Book “Practical Lock Picking” by Deviant Ollam.

YT Video:

I found Deviant Ollam by way of the website or (same thing), that website alone is a Gold Mine for lock picking. Deviant Ollam was also featured in a previous book about burglary that I reviewed HERE.

Who it’s for: Anyone from Zero experience through hobbyists who want a better more full understanding of lock picking or lock sport. It is also a GREAT teaching guide if you are helping other people learn about lock picking.

Things I like about it: TONS of pictures, not expensive, thick book, goes into detail.

Things I don’t: Nothing.

This one actually tops the list for any reference I’ve ever used to learn and teach lock picking. It’s sister book “Keys To The Kingdom” is not a “bad” book, it’s just got a ton of info I may never use. In the YouTube video above I said “I will never learn..” concerning higher security locks and key cuts, that was a misspeak, I’m not a fan of hard rules and never’s and always’s but that’s what happens when you speak off the cuff. If you like our Tactical Book Club series subscribe to us on YouTube, and we also share a lot of info on Instagram @UncensoredTactical.

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as says “Only pick those locks that you either own, or have been given explicit permission to pick”.