Review: Sparrows Comb .45

Ingenious. No more mucking about with actual real life lock picking. It is more along the lines of a bypass than actually to “pick” the lock open. Check out our video for a quick demonstration before you head over to Sparrows to buy your own set for about 15$ but be warned…

So, you can see that the tool is dependent upon actually being able to fit into the key way. It also can get stuck and be difficult to get it out. There is also some trial and error to find the right number of 4/5 lifter pins to get the technique to work. I have not yet found a lock that I could comb open but that I couldn’t rake/pick open with my standard EDC lock picks I keep in my wallet. So I don’t see the need to ALSO keep a comb set in my EDC. BUT that doesn’t mean that I don’t throw these into my second line gear bag for unique situations. I definitely do carry them since when they DO work they are very very effective. AND the nice thing about them is that once you know which locks they work for, they pretty much work for every lock that is the same make/model regardless of the keying of the pins.

My recommendations? Buy it. Learn how to use it. Learn which locks it does work on. But carry your tension wrench and rake/lifter as always, as your go to.

In the Tactical Lock Picking course I teach our goal is “with the least amount of money spent on gear and training, and least amount of time spent learning specailty skills, and the least amount of gear you have to carry*, we try to get you through the most amount of obstacles.”

I did opt to carry this piece of gear but not in my first line EDC. If you like our articles and videos subscribe and follow us on YouTube and Instagram 😉

-Stay smart, Stay safe, Stay legal.