Review – Streamlight Sidewinder Compact

Streamlight Sidewinder Compact

Streamlight Sidewinder Compact

The Streamlight Sidewinder tactical flashlight. I can’t keep my hands off of it but you’ve gotta be careful before you commit (that’s what she said).


-All the buttons have writing on them and the color selector has a positive notch you can feel for without looking to know which color your light is set to.

-Easy install

Installation instructions

It’s like two fucking steps. VERY happy with the ease of install.

-Full rotation vertical and horizontal

Rotation L-R

Rotation R-L2

For a compact light it sure has a fat fucking profile when facing straight ahead. A little too much profile.


-Light weight

-Solid steady installation bracket

Mounting Bracket

-Easy to mount on/off of helmet


-Red, White, Blue, IR light.

-Low light option

-GREAT for a hands-free administrative light:

Administrative light.

Great example of operational use..hands free…for administrative issues in the field.

-Runs on one 123v battery.


-123v battery. (get it?) 😉

-Confusing buying the correct light, and with/without helmet mount or head strap.

-50-70$  Too much.

-A little large for the what the package provides (giggle)

-The molle mount is a little loose, I found it works better clipped into pockets and zipper flaps than it does on molle:

Molle clip works great on pockets etc

-For a “tactical” light, you have to start with low light and wait until it steps up to brighter levels.

-Admin lights should have lots of options, but tactical lights should not. Double click for strobe. Don’t need red, white, blue all in one combo for “Tactical”.


Not tactical, but definitely practical.

I do really like it. I do recommend it. Be sure you buy the mount WITH the light when you purchase it and be careful you don’t buy the green light version vs the blue light version, OR the full size vs the compact version. I won’t kick it out of bed for eating crackers, but I won’t be throwing away any of the other flashlights I carry for operations. This light is more “Snacktical” than “Tactical”. But still pretty cool. I haven’t had a bad experience with Streamlight lights yet. For a belt worn light or a shooting light or a weapon mounted light though it’s going to be tough to pull me away from SureFire lights.

(The above link is the compact version of the light, the same one I reviewed in my YouTube video. Red, White, Blue, IR light options. And has the mounting bracket for kevlar helmets and a head strap.)

As always, kick ass, be smart, stay safe, stay legal.