Review – Tubular Lock Picks

Short review of several different tubular lock picks and training tools. Two different lock pick tools / sets reviewed; Two different training locks reviewed; and a LEO case study thrown in at the end of this article.

Still on a Military deployment and let me tell you, the MAIL SYSTEM is just another fucking example of how terrible the government is at almost every thing that they do. Soooooo finally I got my package in the mail with a few sweet ass Tactical Lock Picking tools in in:

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  • Jack Knife lock pick set.

RCS Pock Lock Picks

  • Auto Door Wedge Air Bag and a Gold Finger Tool (Who doesn’t love that name???) 🙂

Air Bag Wedge and Gold Finger Tool

  • Southord 7 and 8 pin tubular lock pick wrenches.

Tubular Lock Picks

I have also had my hands on the following for a few weeks … with no luck picking them open. Which freaking kills me because if you check YouTube you can find a bunch of hillbillies and 14 year olds picking open tubular locks manually with just a tension wrench and a pick. I’m “an” expert in this field, I am not “the” expert. And in line with my training philosophy … that’s ok. What is it you ask? Here’s some of it: I don’t hold back info from my students, I teach them info overload and push the as far and as fast as they can go; I don’t hold techniques back close to my chest so that I can always be a little better than my students and I hope that they can become better than I am at any of the skill sets that I teach (that would mean that I am good at my job, teaching, and that’s a good thing). Ok, onward. The tools that I’ve been using with no luck:

  • Acrylic tubular lock trainers

Acrylic Tubular Lock Trainer

  • Sparrows tubular lock tension wrenches (Comb set above, Mantis below)

Tubular Tension Wrenches

  • Standard 7 and 8 pin installable real locks.

Tubular Lock

If you haven’t yet checked out our video above, you should (and subscribe for more), than you’ll see a quick review of all these products. Like I said, no luck manually with a tension wrench and pick, BUT within the first 30 seconds of using the Southord tubular lock pick wrench I had both a training lock and a real lock picked opened.

To use the Southord pick:

  1. Loosen the locking screw.
  2. Using the washer, push all bars down to pick.
  3. Level off bars on a flat surface.
  4. Insert and use moderate pressure to push down into lock.
  5. …with a moderate twisting pressure as well.
  6. Push down each bar in order (L or R) around in a circle until the lock free spins.
  7. Note: Don’t spin too far, Becauuuuuse, you can now tighten down the locking screw and you now have a set key that has “memorized” that specific lock code.

It’s expensive, and seems a little delicate, and is not something you can carry everywhere you go. But a great addition to a 2-nd line gear bag. Overall, if you decide to get into Tubular Lock Picking than these tools are a big Thumbs Up!

Law Enforcement Case Study:

Another benefit of the Urban Survival*** course that I teach is that I can spend my money on tools that may end up being bullshit, which you don’t now need to buy or add to your kit (exceptions of course, feel free to buy shit and find out for yourself). THIS tool, however, yes it is super cool and super effective but what the hell would I need it for? A question I often ask myself when I buy and review new gear. Well, LEO’s, this one actually may be pretty freaking sweet to keep in your back pocket… not literally, this tool has a weird fucking shape.

Protester U-Bolt lock

A protester locked to a hard point, thinking that there is no removing her without a struggle.

Picture the above. Some hippies protesting something that they know nothing about… just like Jon Snow. They decide to “U-Bolt” themselves to a railing or lock themselves together to join in a human chain. Let’s put the stupidity on the shelf for a second and forget about the fact that when they get hurt, they are literally making it more difficult for EMS to help them, and it’s nobody’s fault but their own. So you, as the prepared Law Enforcement Officer take a short walk to the trunk of your cruiser, cooly and calmly grab your lock pick go-bag and take a stroll over to said protesters…

“Sir/Ma’am, I fully support your right to protest, however, this is private property, (or) you are blocking the street (or) etc. I would love to talk to you about your oppinions on matter XYZ that you are protesting but unfortunately you will have to remove yourself from your lock and get out of the street (or wherever). Oh… fuck me? Well, that’s fine. You have the right to say that. Also, you’re going to jail.”

Protesters Human Chain.

Protesters locked together. An easy fix with the right tools and skill sets.

…And then 30 seconds later their silly bicycle style “U-Lock” is opened and they are more than surprised AND even cooler, you as a Police Officer didn’t have to call the Fire Department to come help you. AmIRite??? HAhahaha.

Stay safe, stay smart, stay legal.