Rise of the Warrior Cop by Radley Balko Reviewed

Rise of the Warrior Cop by Radley Balko – Reviewed

This book plays both sides of the field (like some of my last girlfriends) and does not pull punches (also, same). You NEED to know where the police profession has been to know which direction we are going. This book can help if you keep an open mind. Today, Rise of the Warrior Cop is reviewed.

Kinda getting away from Pro’s Con’s – So… in general….

“Constitutional” … as I stated in the video, this made my heart melt. SO happy for this to be the starting place for the book. One of my HUGE pet peeves is books that have a boring start. Radley, you nailed it here.

“Stats” NOT covered in my video review… “more than one hundred times per day” is an easy number to throw out there, especially without putting a source or siting your research. Later in the book research is shown for some topics but even with or without research and showing you where that number comes from, you can see some slant here: “Violently” and “A majority” easy words to slant. BUT I promise if you can get through all of the slant, you’ll enjoy some of what this book has to offer.

“System loaded with bad incentives” leading into the quote about the “Good ones” in Law Enforcement either not entering, or getting out, or turning bad, or at best having a mediocre career by the end. This one hit me hard. This is how I felt before I left the military, and now that I am in local law enforcement I also feel the same way. One of the major reasons for me starting this site. I LOVE the idea of Law Enforcement helping good people and enforcing law against bad people; but that is not so easily achieved. In order to not bog down this article we can table that issue and talk about it for hours and hours in the future. 😉

Bonus: If you want to know where the term “Sheriff” comes from and why LE is referred to as the “Blue” line, you can learn that and a lot more. Just keep in mind, if he mentions bad cops and you know it’s not you, than it’s not you he’s talking about. And also be aware that his MARKET is people that are fed up with law enforcement… sooooo draw that conclusion for some of the slanting of his content. Regardless, I still love the book, I just keep my wits about me and learn to see the slant for what it is and still learn from the history and the research.

I DO like the “about the author” part I have been including lately:

Here’s the link to Radley Balko’s Wikipedia Page. The easy, popular place to start. He also has a very active Twitter @radleybalko.

And, like he talks about in his book on occasion he has a page at the Cato Institute‘s website. They speak about a bunch of Liberty and Limited Government issues although I’m not super familiar with their organization. But if you like this topic or this author than it might be an avenue for you to subscribe to.

And like I said in my YouTube video above: I think that Radley Balko is probably not very dissimilar to me with his views about Law Enforcement. I like to think that my slant is a lot more right-down-the-middle of the spectrum, but maybe that’s wishful thinking? Time will tell. If nothing else I would recommend taking the chance on this book as long as you can set your pre-conceived prejudices aside for the duration of the book, you WILL learn some things from it no matter what your view point is going into it.


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