The Secrets of the FBI – Book Review

The Secrets of the FBI – Reviewed

From sex parties to lock picking (omg could you do both at the same time?) this book does not disappoint. Except for the fact that it’s also about a terrible highly armed bureaucracy…

I’ve read this one a few times over. Not all unicorns farting rainbows, but lots of valuable info!

The largest portion of this book covers a team within the FBI called “TacOps”, basically my fucking dream job if I ever wanted to work for another terrible bureaucracy… eeehhh…

This book does not have too many of my pet peeves in it. Not enough for me to not enjoy it. RIGHT OFF THE BAT the author describes what TacOps is, how it works, what it does and how the team breaks down into different responsibilities and gives a TON … a TON of case studies from the field. Two thumbs up so far.

There are some stories about how agents used their skills for NOT so legal or moral purposes… Not a fan of that. But overall I love the lock picking, I love the case studies, and it made it’s way on to my “Yes” pile for recommendations.

Corbett Report

James Corbett did mention this author by name in one of his videos “Lies the FBI Told Me” which is linked below. Worth a watch. And worth a subscribe if you’re into asking questions and doing research instead of mindlessly believing the news. 😉


If you are in Human Resourses for the FBI and you are able to hire me and send me straight to a TacOps team, and skip over the oral board and lie detector (where I will surely say too many swear words and sex jokes), then I’m sure you already have my cell number. Give me a call 😉

Stay safe, stay legal, and for God’s sake don’t be an idiot – read a few books.

You can get this one for about 10$ here:


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