Sightmark 10th Anniversary Laser Bore Sight Kit

Sightmark 10th Anniversary Laser Bore Sight Kit

This is a very very good accessory to your firearm collection. Sighting optics and accessories is quick, simple, and quiet with these handy little devices. I still highly recommend you send some lead down range to verify that the gun / ammunition perform as expected. However you can do a lot of dialing in of your optics and lasers, saving you time and ammunition.


There are several different manufacturers, styles and types of laser boresights on the market. As is my typical m.o., I want to bring you an affordable option, that is also reliable. The kit I’m reviewing here is the Sightmark line of laser bore sights. This happens to be the Sightmark 10thanniversary bore sight kit. This is a 5 piece kit that covers 10 calibers. Calibers covered are 9mm, .223, 5.56, .30-06, .270, .25-06, .308, 7.62×54, .243 and 12 gauge.


Unboxing first thoughts, the packaging is discreet and attractive. However, the piano finish, glossy black presentation case that holds the laser sights is even better looking. Honestly I just like the way it looks, it attracts definitely the eye. Sightmark did well with this storage / presentation case in my opinion.

The bore sights are machined out of stainless steel and feel solid, and rugged. Each of the boresights is laser etched with the Sightmark logo as well as the compatible caliber of the sight.

The laser sights use AG3 and AG5 depending on the caliber and diameter of the sight. The end caps are threaded and unscrew to allow insertion of the batteries. FYI once the batteries are installed the sight remains on until you remove the batteries. These do not have a pressure pad or other type of activation switch. After considering the design I understand and appreciate the decision to not include some type of switch that could fail over time. I presume that saves the consumer on cost as well.

Truth serum… first time use. I had 2 scopes that I had dialed in the old school way, that had proven to be very reliable and accurate. When I chambered the laser bore sight I was surprised to find that while very close, the windage and elevations were slightly off from where I would have liked them to be.


I sighted in 3 rifles, for a range of about 150 yards, in a matter of about 15 minutes. In broad daylight. THE HELL YOU SAY! Laser sights aren’t good for that distance in broad daylight! Let me give you a little shooters hack. When I can’t get to the range I sight in my rifle using old license plates. Obviously for safety I chamber check frequently to ensure that there is no round in the chamber. I range a tree close to the distance I want to sight in my rifle for. Then go for a walk and using a drill and screw hang the license plate facing my bench area. At about 20-30 yards I have another license plate for close range adjustment. I return to my bench rest, chamber the laser, and do a quick adjustment at close range as I mentioned. The sight the long range license plate and make my adjustments accordingly.


OK you say, why the hell are you using license plates?


Because they are coated with reflective paint that even in broad day light make the laser dot pop brilliantly, thus allowing for quick acquisition of the laser dot and adjustment of your optic. FYI… this works reeeeally well with night vision. In fact the reflective paint reflects the ir illuminator so brightly its sometimes painful to view through the night vision. Check out my review of the Armasite Vampire here


The rest is really history, with this one. As I said I would highly recommend spending some time on the range to ensure the performance of the rifle and ammo. What would I change? Not much, honestly. This is a good product and has a great presentation, the inherent value of this tool should be obvious. I highly recommend these to anyone. They come in nearly every common production caliber for pistols, rifles and shot guns. In fact I plan to add a few to my collection in the very near future. Actually when I received this kit I actually got a .22lr laser bore sight as well. I asked about a master pack but this is the only pack Sightmark offers.


More details and information can be found at the sightmark site here:


Hope you guys enjoyed this, I enjoyed writing it for yall. Till next time, head on a swivel, stay alert and stay safe.


-TX Joe

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