Where to start, where to start… Theres alot to talk about and I am trying not to just regurgitate the manufactuer specifications like a tool.

Well first props as usual on the packaging. I like the flat, non-glossy, muted box, with the chrome logo… plus black and red are two of my favorite colors. Seriously though, it’s a very retail friendly package design.

Model: Sightmark – SM13072DCR, 1-4X24 dual caliber rifle scope

Price: $180 – $215 depending where you buy it.

This is a nice little scope for the price range, and has some cool features. This scope has a red and green illuminated, variable brightness, reticle. It comes with flip up lens covers, Thumbscrew 30 mm rings and even comes with a cr2032 battery. Though it will function perfectly as a non illuminated reticle in daylight usage. It is fairly light weight and has a very clear sight picture. I have transitioned to hot and cold environments and had no noticeable issue at all with fogging on the lenses, though its reletively cool weather here in Texas right now.



(Sorry for the poor quality on these to reticle shots, I haven’t figured out how to capture this shot very well.)

This scope is designed and optimized for .223 / 5.56 & .308 caliber modern sporting rifles but will probably work for just about anything with a rail attachment. The reticle thins out considerably when it gets to the center of the crosshairs I like this because it doesn’t block out a target as much at long distance. Also a cool feature or touch from sight mark is the holdover dots that are pre calibrated for .223 and .308 (see pic below)



Large, exposed windage and elevation knobs make sighting a breeze. Though sighting is also made way easier with the use of my laser boresight kit.  (You can check out that review here

In pic below (from left to right) Elevation, Windage, illumination) these knobs (or turrets ) actually are lockable.

Heres a shot of the included scope rings.

I have shot with this scope on the range a few times since buying it, ranges of 50 and 100yd, I had good grouping and it held zero well (verified by laser before and after).

I like this piece of equipment and I am planning to buy the quick detach scope mount also available from Sightmark (part number SM34004) picture below. I am also highly considering the big brother in the Core TX line the Core TX 8.5-25x50MR Marksman Riflescope (SM13076MR) J.


Here’s a link to the manufacturers site where you can find more details and information on the SM13072DCR, 1-4X24 dual caliber rifle scope we have been discussing.

Well as always, I hope y’all enjoy this article. Till next time, condition yellow, head on a swivel.

-TX Joe

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