Sparrows American Bypass Driver pt2

Sparrows American Bypass Driver pt2 is an awesome high quality company with great customer service. But I am called uncensored for a reason, I don’t owe anybody shit so I can say things like “I love Sparrows but some of their products are failures”.

First bypass driver from Sparrows:

(Above) Had a comfortable handle with really good grip, rough like sandpaper for good grip but still a little smooth. It opened I think 3 out of 4 American 1100 locks within my first 10 minutes of trying. Until it didn’t. It broke. It is still in one piece but the rod has separated from the handle internally and now the rod just free spins. GREAT customer service from sparrows. I have emailed them a few times for different issues and they are prompt, polite, and they offered to make things right.

My first bypass driver from Peterson

First off, the kid that I bought from Peterson came with a wafer breaker. So even if the lock is shielded you can still use their tool and this same technique to bypass their attempt at fixing their own security problem.

Second, I like the design of their tool handle much better. Still using it and it hasn’t broken yet. And the FLAT handle allows much better bending torsion then a round handle with no grip.

My second bypass driver from sparrows

Just arrived. That’s why I shot this video. It has worked so far on zero of my locks. On some of the locks it won’t even slide into the keyway. On the ones that it does I can’t seem to get it to seat within the gap of the cam and the cam driver, let alone spinning the cam to open the shackle.

Also, there is like NO grip on this thing. It’s smooth plastic, although there are a few raised ridges that seem like they’re supposed to help with grip but they are inefficient. Not impressed.


Remember, in TLP we choose tools and carry tools and utilize tools in specific ways for specific reasons. I will be buying ANOTHER Peterson bypass driver just because I know how reliable it is. I will be keeping one in my 2nd Line Gear and will be very excited to use that instead of actual picks on any American 1100’s that I need to open in the field.

I stillĀ highly recommend checking out all of Sparrow’s products and seeing what they have that will work for you. I will definitely be continuing to give them a lot of business.

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