Sparrows Lock Picks Bypass Drivers

Sparrows and Peterson Bypass Drivers

Tactical Lock Picking…

Q: What’s better than using bolt cutters?

A: Picking open a lock.

Q: Better than that?

A: Shimming it maybe.

Q:… and

A: Having the fucking key?

Q: Bingo!!!

Today’s review is a product that is basically like a fucking mega master key.

What is a Bypass Driver? A tool that inserts all the way into a key way, past the pins and the end the plug, reaches in and fucks with mechanisms in the back of the lock and pops it open, meaning you completely take the pins and lock “picking” out of the game.


The interned is the greatest freaking tool that I have for lock picking, it’s literally better than ANY physical tool because it will even show me how to make my own makeshift tools, or (like I teach in my Social Engineering portion of my classes) the internet will show me how to find manufacturer information and how I can access things like Coded locks and their Factory Reset Codes. Fuck keys, I have the internet! 😉

Enter Bosnian Bill and his YouTube video below. Here he explains, by showing the lock guts, what is actually happening with a bypass driver and how the American Padlock company fixed a hole in their security… and how Peterson (I believe) exploited even that fix. DEFINITELY subscribe to Bosnian Bill on YouTube and like some of his videos. VERY VERY high quality content and a wealth of knowledge.


I bought two bypass drivers from , one was an ABUS bypass driver (link here) available for about 10$. Worth it. And one was called the “Sparrows Bypass Driver” which was cited to work on American Locks 1100 and 700 series. The Sparrows Bypass Driver is no longer listen on the Sparrows website for sale which brings me to a tactical nugget of info.

*Often in Tactical Lock Picking I place items in my “wish list” and wait to buy them. Often they come off the market for some reason or another. If you have the money, and it makes sense for you to buy the tool, I say in this field that you should go for it.

The Sparrows Bypass Driver that I bought has broken within the first few tries BUT that company has been very good with their customer service in my experience. Maybe they will tell me why that product is no longer on the market as well.

Tactical Lock Picking

Know what tools you have. Know what tools you can improvise. Know which tools will work for which locks. Know how long each technique takes to work. Know how many different attack methods you have for each lock and mechanism whether it’s a pick or a shim or a bypass or a destruction.

The best way to explain my Tactical Lock Picking curriculum, in it’s SHORTEST form, is “The tactical field application of lock picking techniques”.

Do your research, use your resources like the internet, don’t be afraid to ask for help, know when and when not to utilize soft techniques like picking when your smartest safest option is a battering ram.

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-Stay safe, stay legal.



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