Sparrowslockpicks Hall Pass Review – Hall Pass

What’s even cooler than picking open a lock? Dunno, does it sound cool just skipping that shit and just opening the latch on the door? Check out my review of’s hall pass, a pretty cool bypass tool.

The video shows a quick example of tool usage but I think it will help to lay this out in order also! 🙂

*First lesson with this tool: Won’t work on both sides of the door. Lesson 2: It won’t open every door. For this tool to work the handle should look like a NORMAL front door handle (whether a doorknob or a lever or handle etc.). You should also know (based on the doorknob) that the LATCH looks like a NORMAL residential door latch. This will almost undoubtedly not work on commercial doors, hotel doors, and high security doors (and that term sure is subjective. It does not mean a sticker on a door knob set from Home Depot that says “pick proof!”).

When you approach a door, for this tool to work, you need to be able to see the latch between the actual door’s edge and the door frame. Like a capital “H”, one beam being the door, one beam being the frame, and the horizontal dash would represent the latch. When you can physically SEE the latch in the gap of the frame this is called a PULL door. If you look at the door from the opposite side the middle part of the door frame, the fat ledge, forms a smaller frame around the door as a seal. The hinges also help with this. For a PULL door you should be able to see the hinges on one side of the door. For a PUSH door the hinges should be hidden…. for a standard residential door.  So… this tool only works for RESIDENTIAL type doors and on the PULL side of the door. (This will NOT work on a deadbolt either, only on the latch for the doorknob (the latch that has the heavy slant cut into it).

You shove the tool in with the big hook (beak, whatever) around the latch, you apply leverage or just pull if the door tolerance is really loose, and the tip of the Hall Pass hook will slide along the angled portion of the door latch and push it in towards the door, in effect pulling it out of it’s home in the frame – within the door strike plate.

Expert Tip #1: If able, try to lightly pull the door towards you while you apply this technique so that you don’t pop open the latch with the door staying right where it is, with the tool slipping out and the latch going right back into it’s home! hahaha. Ask me how I know.

Expert Tip #2: There will be another course coming that explains how to get this tool to work on more doors, including a few hacks, we will go into a little more depth soon (that’s what she said).

Because of the light weight of the tool, and slim profile, and HIGH percentage of effectiveness (on openable doors) I carry it all day every day in my wallet and have used it several times in RL. It only costs about 10$, SparrowsLockPicks Hall Pass.

I am NOT in the business of ass kissing. I have recommended NOT to buy several products and will continue to do so if the product is not deserving. Sparrows has a FEW things I won’t spend my money on again, but this is an AWESOME tool.

Thanks so much for checking us out. Please come back and see is if you got something out of this. And subscribe to our email update list. We only bug you occasionally 😉





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