SparrowsLockPicks Progressive Locks’s Progressive Locks


When purchasing be aware that there are “Cutout” locks from Sparrows (link below) and “Progressive Locks” from Sparrows (link below) that look very similar. I am happy with the product I received but I made the mistake of mixing up the two. The one I reviewed above is correctly titled “Progressive Locks” but I had thought I was receiving locks with the side profile removed. I’ll be purchasing the cut out locks online today and will review shortly.

This is a great highlight of why I do what I do for my audience. I’m happy to buy products and be open and honest about my experiences so that you don’t make the same mistakes as me 🙂

*The locks featured in the video above: Sparrows Progressive Locks (Linked)

Same locks as featured in the video above.


*And below are the locks I had thought I was getting (My mistake, not Sparrows’ fault): Sparrows Cut Away Locks (Linked)

Cut Away Training Lock


Very pleasing to the eye and the fingers. (That’s what she said)


I really like the ass end of these keys. I travel with training locks a lot and sometimes it’s a pain tracking keys to specific locks. This is a very cool stowage idea.


The front end.


Even though there’s no side view (my mistake) it’s a great teaching tool to get the view all the way through to the back end.


Leave it to these guys to put the extra effort in to the aesthetics. Very happy with most of their products.

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