Surefire XC1 Weapon Light Unboxing

Surefire XC1 Weapon Light Unboxing

Surefire XC1

“Bigger is always better!” Unless it’s fucking up your insides 😉 Enter: Surefire’s XC1 and why I’ve decided to go smaller. Sometimes it just feels nice.


Not only is it smaller, and lighter but it allows your Concealed Carry rig to also be smaller and lighter and to print smaller under your concealing clothes. Long term money saver with ONE AAA battery instead of the expensive TWO 123A batteries. And as far as I know there are no reputable rechargables for 123A tactical batteries. Clear smooth lighting for easy eye adjustment instead of a super hot spot like most weapon mounted lights. All positive. Mostly-simple operation is a plus as well… mostly.


Mostly-simple operation. Bad. You must break your grip with either hand to activate and deactivate the constant-on feature. AND it is a different action depending on which side of the frame you push the constant switch from.

Brightness is NOT on a competitive level with most other weapon mounted lights.

There are TWO separate buttons to activate the momentary and the constant on instead of one central button that does both.

The activation buttons for momentary on are tiny. Although you can push forward or down to activate, the forward push function has a weird see-saw hinge mechanism where you’re not just pushing straight forward but down at an angle as well. Really strange.

Again, tiny buttons.

Again… NOT TRULY AMBIDEXTROUS! Big negative.


I will be trying it out quite a bit and trying to break it, like usual. And I will be carrying it in my new TucTite holster that I just got in the mail and seeing if the smaller size and weight really make a difference, enough for me to give up my actual reliable combat weapon light.

Be smart, test your gear before field deployment, be legal, stay safe.



Amazing how much lighter it is than it’s big brother… sister… xhe? No offense 😉

Even the WIDTH on that little ass is smaller than it’s big brother. A big plus for concealed carry.

Side profile, notice how just the tip has to be touched for it to activate both momentarily and constantly… SIMPLE, and you don’t have to cramp your hand to do it.

Side profile showing the farther forward “Constant On” non-ambidexterous push button. And the small profile on the momentary switch.

BIG old tac-light. VERY VERY good for “Operations” lots of searching indoors and outdoors. BLINDING fucking light. SHARP hot cone in the middle of the visible light thrown.

And the closer. Straight on view. NOTICEABLE size difference, makes sense when you realize the big brother has 600 lumens and this one gets 200 for output.

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