Tactical Lock Picking – Deadbolt Bypass

Tactical Lock Picking – Deadbolt Bypass

Deadbolts: Since I already had this footage from my first KwikSet Smart Key attempts I thought it would be worth making an individual article were we could talk about it.

Correct Installation

First off, don’t install your deadbolts upside down. I’m making a note right now that we will be going deeper on this topic very soon.

Depth. Have you ever noticed on your deadbolt that either when you thumb turn it locked, or when you use your key that at the very end of the turn towards the locked position it kind of “clicks” or falls into a groove? That means that it is fully extended and engaged.

Sometimes if you don’t turn your deadbolt far enough or if enough depth is not cut into the door frame you can do what is called “short stroking it”. This means that your deadbolt can be pushed in by an outside force like in the video above.


If you can visibly see the deadbolt, and you are on the pull side of the door, you can use a pocket knife or something similar to walk the bolt back into the door like in the video above.

I haven’t seen much on deadbolt bypasses from the push side of the door but if I do I’ll keep you updated!

Be curious when you walk through doors, play with the deadbolts on your own home door with the door open and try to see where the threshold is and if you have enough depth cut into your own door frame.

Train with a purpose. Bring your humor. Stay legal.



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