Tactical Lock Picking Training Stand


A badass training tool for Tactical Lock Picking that offers more than SIX different methods for entry training in a compact table top size. Be sure to scroll down for the video at the end!

First up – Gotta give credit where credit is due! I designed this stand based off of the DIY instructions for a much more simple training stand from ITSTactical.com. I know nothing about wood working but I took Bryan Black’s stand and put my own “Oracle Twist” on it, making it a tool that offers a ton of value for the classes that I teach, we’ll get into that below. You can click the photo and link below. I have been a big fan of ITS for a long time and they have a lot to offer, you should check them out.

Link: DIY Lock Pick Practice Set


I don’t have any tools so I had to buy a lot more shit than the ITS tactical article mentioned for their price point. (This is not a negative statement lol. I just need to start my venture down the rabbit hole for tool acquisition)

Like I said, I know next to nothing about wood working. This thing is rough around the edges but a perfect fit for me – like my current gf 😉

I will not be giving you a step by step instruction list because this is only my Mod-1 and I will be cleaning up the design and taking all the fuck ups out of the plan before I finalize it and post the next update. Here we go:

It was important that I put in door stops (the middle spine of a door frame that the door pushes up against) For practicing shimming from the back and shove knifing from the front. The next model will use something other than scrap wood for the door jam.

Measuring where to drill the holes for the knobs and the latches.

Learned how to use one of these things today. In all seriousness, without this step it would have made for a shitty training stand.

Knob hole.

This shit is exhausting. Drink time. #VikingsBlood

The roof! Yeah… looks easy in pictures. This shit took me like 3 days! I can do a LOT of things. Wood work is not one of them that I excel at! (Well, I can handle SOME wood. Wait… that didn’t come out how I planned)

Side holes drilled.

I’ll probably buy a more normal residential door type hinge for my next model.

Back view!

Front View!

The Why. Application.

Normal training Stands allow you to turn just a pin tumbler. Some that have a latch or deadbolt attached allow you to turn those as well but it’s more visual and in my view doesn’t provide you with any extra stimuli for making entry. *The one thing you can practice on all of the mounted knobs and deadbolts that I’ve trained on from other professionals is a basic key way attack, also lacking in any extra force involved in sticky latches or pressure on a bolt.

No latches or bolts and no added tension of sticky keyways.

Depending on the lock you install the only skill set you can practice is a key way attack – pin tumbler lock picking.

Although it’s a little crooked and rough around the edges I have designed my training stand to give real life feedback for a number of different entry methods. I’m shocked that in multiple training sessions I have attended we never even had the chance to slip a latch or walk a deadbolt back into it’s frame.

In the video below – at a minimum we can start with:

  • Slim Jimming a latch.
  • If a deadlatch is almost properly installed you can get the muscle memory of bypassing the dead latch seat, then slim jimming it.
  • Shimming a latch from the push side of the door.
  • Remembering to check for a deadbolt before you shim a latch on a door.
  • Attempting to walk a deadbolt back into the door if it is short stroked.
  • What a short-stroke is.
  • Hinge Pin Removal entries.
  • Because of the knob choice we can practice a Quick Pull technique.
  • Annnnnnd we can do some regular pin-tumbler attacks.

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