Tactical Search Complacency

Tactical Search Complacency

My two big complaints once you have a suspect in custody (and/or the need for a search and close contact arise) are search issues and custody issues. I’ve had a huge epiphany recently, hear me out.

Because someone wears a badge does not make them an automatic hero. Because a police officer dies does not make them a de facto hero either. And after watching several 5 minutes of YouTube with search terms like “with own gun” or “misses gun on search” or just looking at these fat fucking lazy cops standing in the street doing traffic control… I have come to the realization that with SO FUCKING MANY of these dead cops – some of them must have been fucking asking for it.

Don’t flip out. No, I don’t mean that the cops deserved to die; nobody does. I don’t mean that they literally said “Kill Me”. What I mean is the old adage that you don’t need to be professionally trained to kill someone. You only need two things: opportunity and motivation. And when you, as a cop, look like shit, and you are weak, and you are lazy, and you use bad tactics then you are giving bad guys the opportunity to kick the shit out of you or to kill you.

  1. Searching – (Following your own legal and procedural guidelines) whenever you have made the decision to search do it thoroughly! The best way to accomplish that is to do it systematically and to think like a fucking crazed psychopath is trying to hide several weapons from you. Always assume that there is at least one weapon and means of escape on somebody. Always use the “Plus One” rule, don’t get fixated if you find a weapon, keep searching for that second, third, fourth etc. And a GOLDEN RULE that many cops forget: ANY TIME YOU PLACE SOMEONE IN RESTRAINTS, AND ANY TIME YOU TAKE CUSTODY OF ANYBODY ELSES DETAINEE/PRISONER/SUSPECT YOU WILL SEARCH THEM AGAIN!!!
  2. Custody Control – All restraints are temporary!!! Once you have someone in restraints you should keep a constant eye on them. There are SO many reasons someone can escape from restraints, even if they are properly applied. Do NOT just handcuff someone and then walk away. Don’t shove them in the back of your cruiser and walk away to do something else leaving them unattended. Once you cuff them, you own them.


Some of you may think to yourselves “Oh, I saw that forever ago and of course I remember that” and other people may just be opening their eyes for the first time when they click these next few links.

Not only are weapons hidden but as I mentioned above “Means of Escape”. I speak quite a bit about this topic. Short story – handcuff keys are almost international, inexpencive, available for purchase by anybody in person or online, tiny, can be made of plastic, can be improvised out of every day objects, and are very fucking easy to conceal. Do a proper search guys and gals, please.


(Above) – Could have been completely avoided with my two steps. Search your fucking suspect. And once he’s detained just fucking stand next to him and watch him. Complacency.

(Above) – Completely fucking avoidable buy what… anybody? Just fucking watching the guy. “You cuff him, you own him, you watch him!”

(Above) This one is fucking scary. My heart rate just went up, way up, just watching it. I almost feel like this is staged. How fucking dumb can you be and still call yourself a cop… shaking my head…

-This is a shorter article today, we’ll probably do a good old rant on the podcast about this topic soon. Feel free to drop me an email with questions comments or content you wanna hear about. And if you want to be a guest on the podcast feel free to email me.

“Use good tactics even when you think you don’t need them”


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