It’s Tactically That Time of the Month – for Batteries

It’s That Time of the Month

Take a leadership role, take action, and maybe your squad will get on the same cycles as you. Complacency kills, preparedness should never be a bad option.

Part One

Every 30 Days:

  • Account for all your flashlights, weapon lights, key fobs, anything that has batteries in it or charges.
  • Turn on and off all of said items.
  • Visually Inspect all items briefly for gaping flaws like missing screws, cracks, rust etc.

Every 90 Days:

  • I choose to throw away all the batteries from (almost) all of my flashlights, weapon lights, etc.
  • Unmount and remount all my weapon lights; and heavily inspect, tighten screws, apply oil etc. on all items that charge, have batteries, or have cords that attach.
  • Immediately order new batteries, including EXTRA backup batteries, for all items that you own that require batteries. Like toilet paper: there is no world in which you would decide that you’re just going to plain old stop using it. Buy in bulk!!!

Part 2


  • Prepare early. If you visit my friend Jack over at you’ll hear him say “Helping you to live a better life, if times get tough or even if they don’t”. You should be prepared ALL year with water, food, power, security, etc. But if you’re not..
  • On that note. This podcast episode is a FUCKING FANTASTIC resource for getting your wholeeeee life prepared (And NOT in a run-for-the-hills kind of way) This one link may be the best value on this whole article and it’s not even my info… “1-Hour of preparedness A-Z”(Link)
  • The BIGGEST trick to help you avoid fistfights at the grocery store is if you have 4-5 ish days before your hurricane hits then go on Amazon, foot the extra bill, and order everything you need and select 1-day shipping.
  • In 2017 there’s no reason you shouldn’t have one or two external battery chargers for your smartphone or tablet. Might as well throw those in your Amazon cart as well.

Part 3

Don’t ever throw away shitty flashlights, there is a purpose for them. Also, if you are at the store and see a sale for 3 or 4 crappy flashlights for under 10$ then go ahead and buy those too. If you have kids it’s a great way to get THEM involved in home security and family preparedness too “Hey buddy, go pick out a few flashlights for the family”.

In EVERY drawer in the house in the front right corner (or whatever your preference) put one of those shitty flashlights. Even if it gets redundant. If one of those shitty flashlights is dead or doesn’t work, you should have another shitty (or good) flashlight in the next drawer over. This is a SUPER inexpensive prep for the whole house and has like NO downside and can really save your ass. How many times a year have the zombies ever attacked modern civilization? As far as I know, zero. How many times in THIS YEAR ALONE have you temporarily lost power in your home (even if you slept through it) probably at least a few.

Prepare for what makes sense… not for running around in the woods like Red Dawn…. although yes that would “Look” kinda cool, I am getting old and prefer having illumination at my whim, along with a/c.


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