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024 On Point Urban Survival Course – Reviewed

024 On Point Urban Survival Course – Reviewed Tonight we drink, we use adult language, we don’t bow to any politics, we give you another real life review of something tactical, Onpointtactical.com’s Urban Survival Course. Drinks for the show. My course review policy. How I found this company/course. My recommendation. My epiphany! Course Overview. A

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015 Lock Picking Ethics, Hollotec Update, Ohio Entry Course and More.

NOT drunk on this one. Join us as we cover a few big topics today including: Bullet Lists (Pat says it like 10 times) An Update on Lock Picking Ethics. Someone claims that Pat’s ethics are wrong, that person should have though that through first… Uncensored: “Defending Open Source Lock Picking”. (Linked) LockPickingExtreme: “Lockpicking: Knowledge

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