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TLP Case Study – Emergency Room

TLP: Tactical Lock Picking. A case study of a few security issues from the field. It’s not rocket surgery but I gotta tell ya, sometimes completely smashing open the illusion of security really makes me feel like a James Bond or a Jason Bourne for a few minutes, a break from being a regular guy

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Social Engineering

Book Review “Social Engineering”

Up front: Book Review of Social Engineering Some things I took from this book: Especially for Lock Picking and Entry training, I took two short lessons that I’ll never forget “Those who build walls think differently than those who seek to go over, under, around, or through them” and [It’s often easier to hack people]. You

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TLP 2 Step Rule

Lock Picking – Two Step Rule

I teach, train, operate and try to live based on a few principles. As far as my favorite hobby “Tactical Lock Picking” goes, this is one of my favorite principles I have used several times in RL (For those of you that aren’t initiated that means Real Life). Jumping right into it, I want you

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Four Digit Codes

Tactical Lock Picking – 4 Digit Codes

Almost all four-digit code systems whether digital or mechanical are not “Locks” but rather “Traffic Control Devices”. They don’t STOP people from entering, they just slow them down, or at best stop people temporarily. Down and dirty… -MOST gate codes are either 4 digits, or 4 digits plus (*/#/etc) -MOST 4 digit codes are (year/address/phone#/SS#/etc)

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