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3 Worst Lock Picking Tools

3 Worst Lock Picking Tools On being “Uncensored”, I can give my HONEST opinion and not be coerced to be polite, or professional, and I’m not forced to “Speak…in a…professional….sterile….vanilla manner” so today I bring you 3 of the tools that I’ve used that I think are WAYYYY overrated, plus an honorable mention at the

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026 Which Lock Picks Should You Buy

026 Which Lock Picks Should You Buy *Warning: As usual, we drink, use adult language, talk about adult content and we discuss “Which Lock Picks Should You Buy” and more: What we’re drinking Like a vehicle, what do you want to use it for? Lock Smithing, Lock Sport, and Tactical Lock Picking. Military, LEO, Fire

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022 SightMark N320RT NVG Review

022 Sightmark N320RT Digital Night Vision Monocular Review   Warning* Today we drink, we use adult language, we make adult jokes, and we review a Sightmark Night Vision Monocular and the following: What is our relationship with SightMark. What we’re drinking this episode! Lots of live audience participation. and more! First, A Thank You! Another

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