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081 Interview with C00p3r_7 and Cur50r from Dangerous Minds Podcast

081 Interview with C00p3r and Cur50r from Dangerous Minds Podcast Today we interview two really cool guys from the Biohacking community, the hosts of “Dangerous Minds Podcast” C00p3r and Cur50r (Cooper and Cursor). We talk tech implants, pen testing, rfid nfc and much more! Disclaimer: We drink, we use adult language, we make adult references and

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031 – Ed’s Manifesto Interview

031 – Ed’s Manifesto Interview Tonight’s interview is with Ed from Ed’s Manifesto! This one is FULL of value so make sure you have a drink handy and probably a notepad too! What we’re drinking. Who is Ed? The “War” on Drugs? Powerpoints. Standardized Training. The Courses Ed Offers. And more! Links EdsManifesto.com @EdsManifesto –

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028 @Women’s Concealed Carry – Interview

028 @WCCOutfit – Interview (Women’s Concealed Carry Outfit / Instagram) Today Pat and Buckles interview @WCCOutfit (Women’s Concealed Carry Outfit) from Instagram…while we slam down homemade sangria! *Warning: As usual, we drink, use adult language, talk about adult content and we interview “@WCCoutfit” (Women’s Concealed Carry Outfit) from Instagram: What we’re drinking. From guns are

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