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012 Learned Helplessness

012 Learned Helplessness Today we talk about Learned “Helplessness”. And adult content, drinking and the following: What is Learned Helplessness. Being coerced to sign incorrect documents. The “Trap” of retirement. Pattern Recognition. Who’s on your side? Who writes all the evidence? What environment are you in? Bonus: a new way to look at your 401k.

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008 Tactical Alcohol?

008 Tactical Alcohol? On today’s drunken podcast we talk about Military, Law Enforcement and ALCOHOL! …and not in the way you might think… and more: TX Joe is starting out strong with content production. Captain Jack gets introduced and joins the discussion today. A story from Pat about alcohol from the US military and foreign

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New Uncensored Tactical Podcast is Here!

New Uncensored Tactical Podcast is Here! “My goal with this podcast, and with the website, is to take my experiences with my military and law enforcement careers and give back to that community and to the public”. -Pat Check out our first podcast of many. You might be familiar with the other podcast I am

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