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031 – Ed’s Manifesto Interview

031 – Ed’s Manifesto Interview Tonight’s interview is with Ed from Ed’s Manifesto! This one is FULL of value so make sure you have a drink handy and probably a notepad too! What we’re drinking. Who is Ed? The “War” on Drugs? Powerpoints. Standardized Training. The Courses Ed Offers. And more! Links EdsManifesto.com @EdsManifesto –

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024 On Point Urban Survival Course – Reviewed

024 On Point Urban Survival Course – Reviewed Tonight we drink, we use adult language, we don’t bow to any politics, we give you another real life review of something tactical, Onpointtactical.com’s Urban Survival Course. Drinks for the show. My course review policy. How I found this company/course. My recommendation. My epiphany! Course Overview. A

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The Secrets of the FBI – Book Review

The Secrets of the FBI – Reviewed From sex parties to lock picking (omg could you do both at the same time?) this book does not disappoint. Except for the fact that it’s also about a terrible highly armed bureaucracy… The largest portion of this book covers a team within the FBI called “TacOps”, basically

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