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016 Pat is Investigated – & Media Incompetence!

016 Pat is Investigated – & Media Incompetence! ***Warning! Today we talk about Pat’s recent Internal Affairs investigation and about how one media reporter made herself look like an idiot. That’s the truth. Journalism is pretty much dead and you hopefully don’t need me to explain that to you, but enjoy our discussion about it

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Update Jan 22nd 2018

Update Jan 22nd 2018   Currently about 50% finished writing my Tactical Lock Picking book. Still creating content but there are some hiccups. Spent all day putting together a monster article for Lock Picking that should be published tomorrow! Thanks for visiting us!!! -Pat

New Uncensored Tactical Podcast is Here!

New Uncensored Tactical Podcast is Here! “My goal with this podcast, and with the website, is to take my experiences with my military and law enforcement careers and give back to that community and to the public”. -Pat Check out our first podcast of many. You might be familiar with the other podcast I am

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Big Updates!

Big Update! UncensoredTactical.com was an idea in waiting for several years and was born overseas during my last long overseas deployment. The article production has been slow lately but for good reason. I’ve been QUITE busy behind the scenes… with BIG things coming (that’s what she said). Just a few short weeks ago I returned

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Update November 2016

Ok, so the site is small and limited…now. I have been activated and sent overseas for the last 6 months-ish and FINALLY have real internet and a real logistical ability to start putting content up again…. for the 2 of you that read my articles so far (Yes mom, one of them is you, thank

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