“The Terror Factory” by Trevor Aaronson – Reviewed

by Trevor Aaronson

The Terror Factory – by Trevor Aaronson

The phrase “I don’t care if they invade my privacy, I have nothing to hide” comes to life in this book, several times over. You can see why in my video below. A unique read for many different types of audiences: Law Enforcement, Investigators, Military Members, Anyone that takes the Oath of Service to the Constitution, Future Government Employees, Government Critics, Government Supporters, Conspiracy Theorists (aka critical thinkers like me that ask logical questions and no, I do not believe that lizard people run the government) and more.

Amazon Link: The Terror Factory – Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism by Trevor Aaronson.

-Ted Talk

-Top of my head, technique for coercing muslim community members to become informants by way of invading their privacy and leaning on them. Even if not doing anything illegal, OR if they (like everyone in this country) have intentionally or unintentionally commited some type of crime. Have YOU memorized all 400,000+ crimes that both require you to do and to not do certain things??? I’m a cop and I am probably accountable for around 2-or maybe 3,000 crimes? In an average week as a Patrol Officer I probable list about the same 10 crimes for almost every single week.

-Like about it? Easy to read, detailed, lots of references and footnotes and sources. LOVE that. I also REALLY REALLY like how he interviews and provides statements from people that are ANTI and PRO for several issues, specifically FBI personnel that are pro informant and anti informant.

-… hits home for me because in Law Enforcement you often have critics that don’t know DICK about your job. Ammo purchase with Aunt. ONE FBI interview in the book in particular states that they don’t use this tactic nearly as much or as freely  as the author seems to want to believe. I am VERY impressed that he did not omit that.

-Dislike? A little bit biased but not very much. Seriously, just a little. Also, nothing to do with the author, but it’s a little tough to follow some books that have lots of foreign names. ANY book with too many names period is difficult to follow but Aaronson does a good job at not being overwhelming. You might have figured out that I LOVE reading and also LOVE pointing out bad authors, so for me to read a book with a lot of foreign names and say that he presented it well for an idiot like me to read, that’s saying something.

-Audience? Who’s the book for.


Who is this guy anyways

Here is the link for Trevor’s TED talk about the FBI creating Terrorism. I am a huge fan of TED talks and actually stumbled across this video while I was overseas on my last deployment and very bored on duty with access to YouTube, whilst watching dozens of videos about Oklahoma City and Waco and of course 9-11. Seriously, I do not believe in Lizard People but I do certainly believe that our government (or some people in and near it) do terrible things to our citizens. If you want to get the book than certainly start with his talk above, and click on the Amazon link below to help this website out 🙂

You can get to Aaron’s own website here. Lots of cool resources there including a 45 minute documentary about informants which I am about halfway through right now. Whatever your position is about government if you are interested in Law Enforcement it’s worth hearing about some of the ways (right or wrong) that informants are used. Growing up in my house my Dad got calls from informants at ALL hours of the day and night and I always thought “Man! I wanna know how to have informants!” but now I understand freedom and liberty and coercion a little bit better so I’d be happy to learn how NOT to flip and use informants. Still integral to the job, don’t get me wrong, but I won’t be breaking my morals to accomplish ANY mission.

Link here for The Intercept where Aaron is a contributor. If you hurry their top few articles are about the “big news” with the Comey firing.


I went excerpt heavy on this book. One of the things I like about real paper books is that I feel it’s easier to have a connection with my margin notes and underlining. I still highlight the shit out of the Ebooks that I review, but I’m still a fan of paper. Call me an old soul…

Enjoy some of my favorites:




 You can get Trevor Aaronson’s book here for about 13 dollars 😉

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