Training for Idiots 101 “Participation”

This training series is not necessarily going to be in any specific order but we’re gonna cover a ton of shit. And to be honest, in the title, “Idiots” is for the instructors, not the students. “Training” as well as instructorship is a HUGE topic for me, it hits close to home. I’m sick and tired of shitty instructors turning high-potential students into shitty operators. It’s bullshit.

So the first topic, if you want to not be a dumb-ass instructor follows:

“How to ACTUALLY entice participation”

  1. Don’t start off class by insulting your students.

::Instructor walks in::

(Use a snarky voice in your head, it’ll help paint the picture) “Ok let’s start by turning your cell phones off cuz all your little facebook friends will survive if they don’t hear from you for a while – and all your little pinterests and texts” (me me me me me, I’m important, you guys have no manners)


2. Don’t give rhetorical statements that are structured to prevent open discussion.

(Snarky voice continued) “You’re stupid if you drive around with your seatbelt off!”  ::sits in chair in civilian clothes, no gunbelt, no car, no real seatbelt::  “See how stupid easy this is?! I mean it’s your life on the line, and your insurance pay out!” ::puts on and off pretend seatbelt several times::

(Actually …”sir”… many of us have different body frames, and different gun belt set ups, and my belt actually does get caught on my taser quite often on shift, but you’re being a dick and since you’ve created this environment so far I’m going to go ahead and NOT debate this with you so that you don’t yell at me in front of my friends for correcting the statement that you set up with so much conviction…)


3. Don’t aggressively ask for participation then chide people who participate. (SHOCKINGLY common amongst instructors)

“You. Any idea why this officer got shot?”

…Ummm he didn’t watch the shooter’s hands?

“No! He couldn’t have seen them… why else? You! Why.”

…Ummm he was in a bad tactical position?

“No! he was right where he was supposed to be… Who else. Come on participate!”

…blank stares… (Yeah…”sir”… we’re about all fun’ed out. You fucking give us the answers)


Now this may seem dumb and basic, and hopefully you don’t have these issues, but next time you are forced to attend training now you have a principle that you can keep in the back of your head when you are getting instructed. “If you want participation don’t create an environment that punishes it” At least now when you see this happening it will be easy for you to categorize it, remember it, and stop yourself from repeating it when you are instructing others. 😉

Lot’s more on the way.