TRex Arms Ragnarok – Review Pt. 1

TRex Arms Ragnarok – Review Pt. 1

What do you do with one of the worlds leading combat pistols and leading lumen powerhouse light attachments when you don’t have a holster to fit it into? Nothing. It ends up sitting on your fucking desk…rotfl! to the rescue!!!

Basic Specs

Cost: $65 – $80.

“Modular System”. The selling point is that it works with a TON of mounting options including a standard belt, but you have to buy or provide your own mounting hardware.

Ragnarok can be purchased for just your pistol or for you pistol with a weapon mounted light.

Trex Arms does provide left and right handed options for this holster.

Colors include Black, Ranger Green, Wolverine Brown, and Original Multicam. (Who wouldn’t buy Multicam though… smh).

Check out their website for more details.

My Experience

When I first attempted to order my Sidecar AIWB holster for my Glock 43 I had some questions. I didn’t know what a “Sweat Guard” was and I had another question or two. I emailed the TRex Arms staff (Link is easy to find on their contact page) and I immediately got a reply back answering all of my questions. I proceeded with my order and have been happy with it ever since.

Trex Arms – “Aziz LIGHT!!!” If you understand that reference then we can hang 😉

When I decided to do an AIWB for my bigger glock, the G19, I went with a Tuctite holster just to try a different company and get some different feedback so that I could share it with you guys and gals. I don’t hate the Tuctite but it’s not my favorite setup, more on that in a future article. The important note is that I went with a Surefire XC1 which is only 200 lumen, one of the lowest lumen flashlights I’ve ever carried but it was to save on weight and space inside an AIWB with a larger Glock.

This custom holster fits a Glock 19 and the Surefire XC1.

I decided to stop fucking around with my Lumens and I bought a Surefire XH35, 1000 lumens. But it was really difficult to find a company that sold or made holsters to fit the Glock 19 and a Surefire XH35. Let’s get back on track and bring it full circle.

On January 2nd 2018 I emailed Trex Arms staff for the second time, now having a gun and a light that I couldn’t carry into the field. I asked “I’m a big fan of trex arms and a happy holster owner of over a year, I now have a G19 with a Surefire XH35 but can’t find anyone who makes holsters for it. Any chance you guys could do a custom holster for me?”

On January 2nd 2018 I received a response from Trex Staff saying, roughly, “At this time we don’t have a holster to fit your request and we aren’t taking custom orders. In the meantime check out these other 5 companies, they all make custom kydex holsters and may be able to help you. Best regards”.

Wow. Color me impressed so far.

On April 19th 2018, unsolicited, I received an email out of the blue from Trex staff saying “We now have a holster for your Glock 19 with Surefire XH35 light mounted. *Ragnarok With Light* holster available. Just letting you know. Regards”.

Even more impressed now. So I immediately replied…

“Thank you SO much for the awesome customer service! I will place an order within the next 24 hours!”

And here we are.

Unboxing. The experience continues.

  1. (Above) I was looking at a mysterious box with my daily mail call that had these strange animal foot print things on their packing tape… (It’s the little things that make me happy and the little things that make a company look like they care). STILL impressed.

2. I don’t give a fuck what anybody says, I’m a big fan of classic Multicam. So I open up this box and it’s a BEAUTIFUL quality Multicam holster waiting for me.

3. It came already installed with two custom belt loops (available were either 1.5 inch or 1.75 inch. I chose 1.5 for a snug fit on my cobra seatbelt-type-belt). Belt loops were an extra 5$ on the order. Well worth the price for more options for TRex’s super-modular holster.

It also came with a separate ziplock bag with a Bladetech paddle holster attachment. $15.

5. Stickers! Because who doesn’t love telling the world how tactical we are? I sure do. Gonna have to buy more Yeti cups to stick all my new gear stickers on.

6. Some gear companies sometimes send out gear with NO receipt or the send just a packing slip with the items listed but no prices for you to store in the old filing cabinet for expense tracking. TRex did it right, and the receipt was well laid out and made the pricing and itemized list easy to read. Thank you!

7. Finally, their repair and replacement policy which starts out with “If it breaks during normal use… we will fix or replace it”. Super simple.

I quickly donned some jeans and a belt and took the holster loops off and put the blade tech paddle on. STILL happy.

Now I have a big boy gun with a matching big boy light instead of my preschool-safe Surefire XC1. I’m sure my audience is sick of hearing it but “It’s 2018! There is NO reason you can’t have a moderately customized gun with a reliable and bright light and a custom and comfortable holster to fit”. Now I’m living in 2018 with you guys too I guess; and loving it.

If you forced me to think of a negative statement or a complaint about TRex-Arms and my experience with them or their products I wouldn’t be able to come up with anything. If you’ve scanned through some of my other content with things like Ultimate Training Munitions and the joke that they are as a company, or my first and second review of Triple Aught Design’s Minimalist Wallet (below) then you’ll know that when I find something shitty about a company, or service, or product, I’ll tell you.


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