TrexArms Sidecar Review

TrexArms Sidecar Review

In 2017 there is no reason that you should be carrying your concealed handgun in a generic holster from a bix-box gear supplier. Period. Here we go:

Trex Arms

If by the end of this article and video you are even remotely curious about appendix carry or about a new high comfort high performance holster go see these guys over at Trex Arms (link).

A sniper friend of mine (who is basically one of the godfathers of Law Enforcement Sniping) said to me “You should be spending at least the same amount of money on your scope that you spend on your sniper rifle itself“. I feel very similar when it comes to concealed carry.

If you are going to spend 500-1000$ on a concealed pistol you should be spending at LEAST 500$ on a light, extra mags that you will actually carry, and a custom concealed holster, and a high quality belt as well. AND be prepared to buy more than one type of holster not only to see which one you like better but to have options that fit different types of wardrobe options.

TrexArms lists their SideCar (what we are reviewing today) as between 130$ – 140$. COMPLETELY reasonable for the quality of their holster.

Also, in 2017, there is NO REASON that I can think of to NOT have a light attached to your concealed pistol. There are SO MANY options for holsters out there and they are NOT much more expensive than those big-box stores to get a light accepting holster.

Shoutout to TruExodus

Quick shoutout. If you think the phrase “Those who can do and those who can’t, teach” and the phrase “You can’t learn anything about shooting from someone who has never been in a gunfight” or any phrases similar to that are correct than I can’t help you. Come back to my website once you are ready. I found out about the appendix carry from TruExodus on Instagram. If you want to see what “those who have never done” are capable of then you’ll fucking see it. Scary as fuck what people can accomplish when GOVERNMENT TRAINERS aren’t standing in the way of you accomplishing training! Bawhahahahaha! I am STARVING for TruExodus to hold a class near me so I can learn from him and I have a TON of Military and Law Enforcement experience pointing real guns at real people.

Sidecar Specifics!

I don’t know if other people have this problem but occasionally the PISTOL side of my sidecar will loosen over time and I have to re-tighten the screws, mainly on the pistol grip side (the two screws that go through the “Raptor Claw” attachment. TrexArms calls it a Raptor Claw; designed to push against the belt so that the pistol grip stays closer to the body. Photo below of the sidecar in normal carry with and without the raptor claw.


All magazines I’ve tried are great. No issues. If you really want a smaller imprint when you carry you can use standard magazine without a pinky extension or without an extra round extension. Because of the extra magazine slot in the holster if you are really concerned with imprinting you but want more rounds you can carry a standard flat magazine in your pistol and an extended mag in your extra mag slot; for me that seems easier to conceal the extra long magazines in the up and down position rather than in the pistol grip itself.

Positioning: as you can see in the video above of TruExodus seated, there’s no issue there. I have practiced the draw in many many different positions included in the car with my seatbelt on, and the only thing that has given me issues is being completely prone on my stomach. Very uncomfortable but it’s pretty obvious why.

Retention Strength

There are two spots to tighten; the screw between the magazine and the pistol (this one affects the pistol a little bit but mainly the magazine retention strength) and the two screws on the Raptor Claw side.

I like to do the drop test. (Shown in video above). I load a full magazine and put it in the holster, and I load a full magazine into my pistol with an empty chamber!

I hold my holster upside down and shake my holster up/down a few times to see if my pistol falls out. (To avoid fucking shooting yourself make sure, again, you have an empty chamber!)


The new concealed carry climber or seatbelt style tac-belts are great for this holster. What is NOT great is a custom double thickness belt that a friend of mine made for me. The belt is actually GREAT but only for outside the waist band carry on my hip. As always, and to add to the list above, spend some extra money on the belt too as part of your whole picture setup. You should also be field testing EVERYTHING you possible can, even if it’s dry fire and at home.


Big fan of these styles of belts.

TrexArms does have high quality plastic flex clips though for very easy on off setups. I HATE holsters that are high tension metal clips that pierce my fingers just to separate the clip so I can ride it onto my belt. Trex clips are flexible enough that it’s easy to put your holster on and off but also designed well enough that I’ve NEVER had a problem with my holster not staying seated where it’s supposed to be.

*Pro Tip: If you own a seatbelt style tac-belt and can’t fit it through your belt loops try feeding the female end through your belt loops instead of the male end as a work around.

How I put my holster on, for a tight fit.

First I pull my underwear extra high so that the bottom of the SideCar doesn’t snag into my underwear.

Then I put my left (magazine) side halfway under my pants.

I open my left clip and slide JUST THE TIP onto my belt, keeping the holster at a canted angle.

I then do a push/pull with my right hand to get the raptor claw under my belt and the tip of the right (pistol) clip just behind my belt with the clip above.

Once I get the Raptor Claw under my belt I can peel open the right clip and seat both clips down fully onto my belt.

Just like vehicle doors and home doors and magazines I do a confirmation pull to ensure it is fully seated. Sometimes it looks REAL close but the bottom tab on the clips don’t seat over the belt flush.

(Possible video coming soon!)


I was a little confused at what the Sweat Guard was. It’s this

Try not to get wrapped around the axle on this one. If you’re in doubt just get the medium. Avoid paralysis by analysis. I’ve never thought to myself “Man I wish my sweat guard was either a little higher or a little lower.”

Gym Shorts

I don’t LOVE IT, but I am accepting of having a quick draw appendix holster while wearing gym shorts at the expense of sometimes losing my extra magazine to cut down on the weight and flopping around of my holster. Pro Tip: Before putting your holster on tie the drawstring of your shorts extra tight, and you can also tuck the inside of your holster into your underwear as well for a little more support when wearing light shorts.


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