Truexodus on Instagram – Profile Review

Truexodus on Instagram – Profile Review



What can civilian shooters offer the “Tactical Operators” of the world? Let’s just talk about a civilian shooter first and we’ll answer that question later in the week… You should SERIOUSLY check out @Truexodus on Instagram. Let’s start with a quick bio from his own site. *Link: . He has quite a long bio on his site so I have picked out a few short parts to paste below:

Matthew 6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” (Hold onto this for later)

My name is Baret Fawbush. You probably know me by “Truexodus” from Instagram. I was born and raised in Louisville, KY and while I was in high school, I gave my life to Jesus Christ and decided to go to Bible College to become a preacher. So I put in my time, got a Masters Degree, and moved to no-where’s-ville Southern Indiana to preach at a tiny country church that would easily become the love of my life. It was during this phase of my life that Jalyn and I would unite in marriage and wed a couple of years later. Soon afterwards, we’d give birth to our two wonderful children: Knox and Kierce.

I’ve always grown up around firearms. Ever since I was younger, my dad instilled in me gun safety, respect for animal life, and the need to be outdoors. I never saw firearms as a means to self-defense until something terrible happened to a couple on our college campus. Shortly after this my best friend Tom Boone encouraged me to get my CCW permit and take my first lesson. So I needed a gun and went to my local pawn shop and BOOM – there she was – a brand new Sig p226 for 500 bones and man was that an amazing gun (Don’t ask me why I sold it). After I took my first class I was hooked because I saw that this was something I was naturally good at, but also I saw great room for improvement.

So every couple of months for the next several years I was taking firearms class, practicing every week (because ammo was cheap and Obama had yet to be elected… the good ole days where Bible College students could afford ammo), and doing whatever I could to ensure that when I became a husband and a father that I would possess the ability and the attitude to defend my family from evil.

I was going to pistol classes and “concealment” classes where people weren’t wearing clothing they did everyday, and using war belt complimented with safari land hooded holsters. Instructors would tell students “This is how I carry because I was in the military, but how you carry is how you carry.” And I’m left there thinking “But that’s not how you carry every day, is it?” My answer would be confirmed when I had heard from several instructors “This is what I train with (they’d hold up their full size pistol) and this is what I carry (holding up some sub-compact to micro compact .380).” Interesting… [I like this guy!]

And so I noticed a trend. Class after class (4 total) instructors kept demonstrating these inconsistencies. These weren’t concealment classes, these were pistol classes, being taught from combat military vets who, for the most part, were locked into the OWB (outside the waist band) mentality.

It was during my first force on force class that my eyes were opened up to the reality of profit crimes…

People want to know why I do what I do and it’s very simple. I’m a minister – and you can’t remove that from who I am. And so social media has allowed me to do the things I love, like: 1) I love praying with people over the phone. I love hearing the difficult times people are going through and their susceptibility to feeling the nearness of God. 2) I use Instagram to post entertaining videos that draw people in to the fact that I’m a preacher and I’m not your average preacher. This does a pretty good job of tearing down and preconceive notions people may have about what it means to follow Christ. 3) I teach firearms classes. Part of the money that I raise go to charities we support or to support my family so that I can ease the financial burden upon my church in order that it may continue to thrive. Aside from this, I get to meet people when I travel and build relationships, which lead to amazing conversations. 4) I broadcast sermons via Periscope. Periscope is an app a person can download to their phone where they can watch live broadcast of whatever I am broadcasting.

Those are some clipped portions of his own bio from his website. The bio that I tell people about when I am referring people to cool Instagram profiles for shooting:

“You should follow ‘Truexodus’ on Instagram. He’s a preacher and he teaches people to shoot. He’s fast as fuck and I really like that he uses force on force a lot and for you cops and military members I bet he’s a fucking better shot than you”. -Me.

I really like that he does a LOT of multiple target engagements and he does it on the move.

I really like that he does a LOT of training from concealment.

I LOVE that as someone with a public persona, a preacher, that he is brave enough to put himself out there for the world to see.

And that he does it all within the framing of helping people learn to defend themselves.

Like I said, this will probably end up being a podcast where we can go in depth and probably come back to the question “What can civilian shooters teach tactical operators”, and hopefully we can get Truexodus on the show, but that is my quick review of Truexodus’s profile from Instagram.

You should go check out his page, subscribe, and if you can you should let him know I sent you.

Use smart tactics, bring your humor, and stay legal.



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