Unboxing Minimalist Wallet – Triple Aught Design’s Transport Card Sleeve

Unboxing Minimalist Wallet – Triple Aught Design’s Transport Card Sleeve

Having been a minimalist for almost the entirety of my tactical career I am surprised I haven’t switched to a minimalist wallet sooner! An unboxing and first look at my thoughts on TAD’s Transport Card Sleeve and how I might carry my Tactical Lock Picking EDC.

Decisions were made. The only big difference between the contents of my old wallet and my new wallet in terms of gear was that in my old wallet I still had the Sparrows Hall Pass. In my new wallet I had to say goodbye to the Hall Pass but I got to add a survival cuff key. In the new wallet I am also limited to number of plastic cards and VERY limited in the amount of paper cash I can carry.

It’s a little tight to say the least. There were actually some types of “Learning Curves” that you can see taking place in the video. It’s not a regular wallet you can just say “Yep, this fits here”. But once I got it all situated and made my decisions on what’s going to go where, I slipped it into my pocket and it was very, very noticeably lighter than my last wallet.

This was just a Part 1. I’m sure we’ll come back to this, and maybe even try a few new wallets too in the future. And based off the photos on TAD’s websight it looks like this thing might even loosen up after some usage.

TAD’s wallet page link: *TAD Transport Card Sleeve*

VERY tough to get the cash into the outer strap.

It’s a little more complex than a standard wallet but it’s reallllly nice to have a smaller profile.

Still experimenting.

You can see the edge of my Bogata Pi set hiding in there. Still get to keep that at least.

The contents of my old wallet, gear wise.

Contents of my NEW wallet. I basically traded in my Sparrows Hall Pass for a Handcuff key. Which is pretty fair to me. The OTHER contents of the wallet however took a big hit with amount of plastic cards and amount of cash severely limited.


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