Unconventional Entries – Pickens SC – Review

Unconventional Entries for First Responders – Pickens SC – Class Review

Best thing about freelance teaching v. “Government Training”? You get to teach really cool people whatever the fuck you want, when you want, how you want. …

This was a specialty course with a very small class size. Two students who were both “Modern Preppers” one of which was an EMT/Volunteer Rescue for South Carolina, one of which was a Mental Health Specialst  / medical “PA”.

Course Content

Of course, of course, the course covered almost all of the different common types of locks and common methods of entries:

  • Pin and Tumbler Lock Picking, Raking, Scraping, Bumping, Pick Gunning, etc.
  • Double Wafer Raking for things like Vehicle key ways and File Cabinets.
  • The Jiggle method for several locks.
  • Access to books/videos/and many hands on live training tools.
  • As much as possible we attempted our picking on live locks in the field.
  • Field Application and Target Assessment training which is at the CORE of Tactical Lock Picking.
  • Social Engineering, specifically with 4-digit codes and passwords.
  • And much more, including…

Annnnnnd, the “Tactical” part of Tactical Lock Picking means that when it’s time to kick a fucking door in, or smash it with a sledge, it’s time to smash.

The Perks of a flexible class!

(You won’t find this in much “Government Training”. No checks in the box here.)

The Rescue student in class was on call, as he is 24/7, and because of the unique skill set we were learning and because of the nature of his volunteer job, we decided to frequently pause the class training and go out in the field and do a few RL rescues and assist where able. The first call out during class actually turned into a helicopter life flight. Very cool to see the different types of agencies all cooperating together as well as seeing how public service agencies operate outside of the State that I work in.

Perspective is the biggest tool I have from my over 10 years in public service at home and overseas.

Where I work at we don’t use volunteers for public services, besides a very few random jobs that are very hands-off as far as taking any action with the public. It was VERY cool for me to see a very small low budget agency provide Emergency Medicine that was very high quality. Because of the call-outs and because of the volunteers the response time, even in a largely rural area, was lightning fast and the interaction with the full-time EMS personnel and the volunteers seemed very smooth and the interaction with the public was very positive and fun to watch.

I HIGHLY recommend to people ALL the time to do Law Enforcement ride alongs and if you are a professional then you should put some EXTRA effort into seeing how other agencies operate. Perspective, perspective, perspective.

Bonus Class

Because the host of the course is a friend of mine I was able to shack up at his home and the night before the class started I was able to deliver a few hours of lock picking training at the dinner table so we actually scratched off 3-4 hour long blocks of instruction which freed up some time the next day to build in even more flexibility into our schedule. Also… (excluding breaching tools) I thoroughly enjoy the fact that Tactical Lock Picking is almost 99% safe to practice at home whilst hammered drunk.

Credit where credit is due.

Class attendees and myself actually came together through the podcast community of www.TheSurvivalPodcast.com which promotes the tag line “Helping you to live a better life, if times get tough or even if they don’t”. Which I LOOOOVE since there is no crazy “Run for the hills!” shock talk, and it promotes a very positive community building message. I have also been featured on one of the podcasts at their site Episode 1987.

And although a large portion of my class is how to make improvised and often inexpensive tools, some of which are often of better value than what some professional lock pick companies offer for sale at a mark up, I still do very much recommend the following sites to all of my students. I have carried gear from these sites out into the field and as of yet I have not been disappointed.

What is next?

Myself and the two students from this class have had weekly talks for the last few months in a sort of “Mastermind Group” to help all of us better shape up our skill sets, our websites, and our preparedness and business efforts. We have a LOT of value to offer the public and professionals alike with all of our skill sets and our perspective and all very much have a strong view that real individual Freedom and Liberty in this country are not at the levels they should be.

We put forth the effort last weekend to record our first 4 episodes of a 3-man Mastermind Group Podcast, tying in things like the illusion of security, preparedness, deconstructing the news, government, first responders, medical health, mental health, law enforcement issues, military insider info, gardening, sales, tactical training, food storage, cooking etc.

We are currently finalizing the details and will soon be releasing our first few podcasts. Stay tuned in for more.

Urban Survival Course

Goes by many names depending on what the class is most interested in learning. Lock Picking and Surreptitious Entries; Unconventional Entries for First Responders; Urban Survival; Officer Awareness and Survival for LEO’s and Military; Counter Custody / Anti-Kidnapping training; Shooting and Moving; Combat Shooting; Hand to Hand self defense; etc etc.

Well…. VERY happy to offer the course with flexible pricing and flexible locations as well as flexible content. This is still a young website and our topics of interest are still making their way to our pages as to what we are able to teach and consult about.


Thank you for checking in and please feel free to get involved in our Uncensored community. By clicking the Contact Us page tab you can email me direct with any questions or comments.

Stay safe, stay prepared, stay legal


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